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In 2009 two incredible things happened:

1) I went to Burning Man festival (Nevada) and met the man of my dreams

2) I had a full-on meltdown, and decided to quit my (well paid) corporate job in advertising! I flew off to South America and the Peruvian jungle, and what happened next kick-started a complete life overhaul and nothing would be the same again.

Now I help people be brighter, happier and more enlightened, through healing their modern woes, and expanding into their potential.   

I’m Jody Shield and I’m a speaker, an author ( forex trading simulator order my book LifeTonic), a meditation ambassador for Lululemon UK and an intuitive mentor ( https://digitrading.biz/it/opzioni-binarie/ opzioni binarie autorizzate consob find out more). I also work with many Global brands ( click here find out more) as a wellbeing consultant and influencer.

Previously, I worked for 10 years in advertising, most recently as a Business Director, managing big budgets and brand relationships. I left with oodles of experience of running a business and with a first-hand understanding of the stresses and strains of the corporate world.   

In 2013 I founded an events and experience brand, now called LifeTonic, and we hold regular monthly events, meditations and inspirational talks.

keep things super simple, relatable and I don’t do terminology. As an experiencer by nature, I’ve trained in various self-development techniques, and then deepened my understanding through experiences, as it’s the guadagnare quando tocca un valore opzioni only way I truly understand this healing work. I can then teach from the most authentic place possible.    

I’m sure we’ll meet sometime soon. If not in-person then over on old bitcoin account instagram (it’s my favourite way to connect) 

Until then http://www.dr-riffel.de/bnr/5763 join me and sign up for weekly tonics from LifeTonic TV, news from me, future events and more…

Love and light

Jody x


My media bio is below. You can download press images and a longer bio http://www.pettigna.com/me/270/opzioni-binarie-meno-costosi.html here.

http://epicproducts.com/diq-7631 Short bio:

Jody Shield is an inspirational speaker, meditation guide, writer and intuitive mentor. She’s fast becoming a name reverently whispered amongst London’s high fliers as the go-to healer to solve all our modern woes. She supports people to process the past, be present and create a life they love. She’s the first European meditation ambassador for global brand Lululemon Athletica, and has residencies across London including Stella McCartney, Soho House and Fremantle Media (X Factor). Previously a Business Director in advertising, she has first-hand experience of the stress epidemic that plagues the corporate world. As a consultant, she now works with brands to inspire, teach and change lives. Jody’s a regular speaker at popular events such as Stylist Live, Be:Fit and Red magazine’s #smartwomen. Jody writes for the Huffington Post UK and has been featured in The Sunday Times, Stylist magazine, Red, Psychologies, Glamour magazine, The Metro, Women’s Health, Sheerluxe.com, the_numinous and Hip and Healthy.


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