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A Modern Toolkit to Help You Heal Your Life and Soothe Your Soul

LifeTonic offers a unique and relevant combination of self-help, meditation and healing to give you a kick-ass attitude and a new frame of reference when it comes to shedding emotional baggage and moving forward in your life.

In this practical book, you will learn how to release the pains of your past for success in the present and how to stay focused in the busy muddle of everyday life. Jody’s ‘tonics’ provide a powerful remedy for issues where you feel blocked, stuck and overwhelmed. Readers will learn to manage stress, find balance and be left with uplifted energy and purpose.

Through sharing her own deeply painful, and intimate life experiences, Jody hopes to connect with you in the most honest and authentic way, to help you take control of your healing, and make transformational changes in all areas of your life.

Discover how to live to your full potential with more love, more joy and more happiness.

Out April 6th 2017.

pre-order on amazon now