Sharing moments of inspiration, laughter and connection with audiences fuels my soul.

As a transformational speaker, these interactions are precious, and give me the opportunity to express my wisdom, my messages, and teachings.

As a global speaker, I’ve spoken to hundreds on stages, in forests, in the wild west, and on yachts!

I believe in the power of moving people into action, by sharing masterful messages and stories.


Speak a new language so that the world will be a new world” ~ Rumi


I work with brands to create meaningful experiences, and offer authentic wellness principles, tools and techniques.

My 10 years experience of working in advertising, and the corporate world, means I understand the inner workings of a business, and the marketing needs of a brand.

- People we've worked with -


Finding balance and improving wellness is becoming essential to living better lives. We’re more aware than ever before of the importance of our own wellbeing, and are actively seeking out resources, and brands that support us with this.

Successful brands now, are “tuned in” to the needs of their audience. They are brands who understand customers on a deeper level, from the inside-out, and can truly enrich the lives of their customers.

Jody can provide:

  • Inspiring workshops
  • Motivational speaking
  • Unique meditation experiences
  • Video and podcast content
  • PR / media sessions
  • Social media collaborations

work with us

- Happy Clients -

Be:Fit - Telegraph Events

Jody's work is much needed in today's society. Her session on busting anxiety at Be:Fit London balanced powerful healing with compassionate understanding. Her heartfelt desire to share the tools that have had a profound effect on her own life makes her instantly relatable and her intuitive healing techniques work wonders.

- Leigh Fergus, Festival & Brand Manager - Be:Fit London, Telegraph Events


“We knew there was something special about Jody Shield the first time we were introduced. Passionate, authentic & full of energy — she radiates light and love. Jody has led powerful sessions for our senior leadership team at our European SSC in London, as well as supporting us with the launch of #givepresence. After developing a great relationship with our community team & Marylebone store team we invited her to be our first European meditation ambassador. Since then Jody has offered complimentary in-store sessions for our community, as well as leading large-scale group meditation for our London collective and she was part of our global pant-wall relaunch in September 2015. Everyone needs more of Jody in their lives."

- Ashleigh Stirling, Market Community Connector

Soho House

“Jody understands the importance of combating everyday stresses and strains that we face living and working in London. Jody has a knack of working through barriers and soon had the toughest of cookies facing the things that cause them the most stress, we tapped, we breathed, but most importantly we laughed.”

- Simon Carroll, UK Member Relations Manager, Soho House Group

Exchange Lab

"Jody Shield brings a caring and infectious energy to her work. Her professionalism makes collaborating enjoyable, while her content and approach are exciting as you know the audience will get something special out of the experience. She is definitely someone I would recommend for groups looking to gain a deeper understanding of their purpose and have fun in the process."

- Sarah Traill, Director


"Jody regularly holds meditation sessions and has introduced our employees to some tools for stress-free living at work. Jody is always very welcoming and willing to spend time with our employees both before and after her sessions. During her sessions she is really passionate and has an understanding of the industry which is encouraging and has helped to engage our staff. Overall, her sessions are having a great impact on our teams and they have become more and more popular each time. It’s been a great way for AKQA to recognise and invest in the minds and general wellbeing of our employees."

- Rebecca Arkle, HR

ITB Global

“We couldn’t have been more impressed with Jody after she came into the office last month – through the discussion, meditation and tapping, Jody had the whole team thoroughly engaged from start to finish, and she left us all so much more relaxed and at peace. Not only is it now a regular sight to see people practicing her exercises at their desks, but everyone’s general demeanour and outlook to work has improved noticeably since her workshop!”

- Antonia Thompson Weisman, Group Strategy Director, ITB Global


“The meditation sessions have helped me immensely with sleeping patterns. It would normally take me 40min to 1 hour to drop off sometimes more and now I am in a deep peaceful sleep 'every' night within 10-15mins feeling refreshed, alert and de-stressed in the mornings! I actually look forward to bed time now!"

- Director, Fremantle

Work Well Being

“We absolutely love working with Jody as part of the wellbeing events we deliver for some of the UK’s leading workplaces. Her sessions are always grounded in a solid appreciation of the realities of juggling the demands of a career and personal life, which mean they are delivered in a totally accessible and relevant way. At the same time, Jody manages to elevate her audience, sparking a fresh way of looking at a problem and equipping individuals with the practical tools to make real changes in their life. Jody exudes an infectious energy which lights up the room and touches all.”

- Louise Padmore, Founding Partner, Work Well Being 

Soho House

“Jody Shield is our resident meditation and self-development expert at Shoreditch House. Spearheading the movement towards inner calm with her monthly 1 hour long sessions for groups. Jody also hosts regular practical workshops for our members which look at how to be more abundant, happiness and relationship building. Without a doubt Jody has been a constant source of positive energy and ideas constantly coming up with new perspectives and angles”

- Jade Coles, Events Manager, Shoreditch House