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Sunday 25 June 2017, 10am - 5pm

Carousel London, 71 Blandford Street, London, United Kingdom


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Jody Shield presents LoveTonic

– Heal your love-life, soothe your romantic woes  –

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The best relationships begin by looking at you. Finding love, deeper connections and soulmates, isn’t about waiting for the “one” to come into your life. It comes from inner healing and transformation. Unless we “get” this, be open and willing to change ourselves, and create a practice to maintain our self-development, our relationships will never change. 

We don’t learn about relationships in school.

We aren’t taught how to make them better, why we have them, and how we attract our partners, based on what we’ve experienced in our past. 

Relationships are our greatest teachers, and can be our greatest downfall. The best relationships happen when we learn how to reconnect with ourselves,  release our history and fears from the past, move out of our comfort zone, and open ourselves up to be vulnerable, and be loved unconditionally.

LoveTonic is a life-changing full day workshop that helps you: reconnect to yourself, create new beliefs about yourself, love, and relationships, heal your old wounds, and open up to attracting healthy love in your life.


This is how it works:

Part 1: Jody will share her most valuable teachings about relationships, including: identifying and clearing negative beliefs, the inner child, working with your shadow, understanding vulnerability, real commitment, the heart’s role, definitions of love, receiving love and support, and more. As well as teaching powerful self-help tools and exercises (which you will take home) to shift your energy and beliefs about love – 3 hours

Part 2: Jody will guide you through a life-changing healing experience, using different techniques to help you release your blocks and limitations, and support your emotional, mental, and spiritual transformation (promise it’s more fun than it sounds!) – 3 hours

Breaks every hour or so, lunch at 1pm – 2pm (not included) and time for you to ask Jody all your burning questions.

Invest in yourself and experience powerful change in your heart, relationships and life!

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Carousel London, 71 Blandford Street, London, United Kingdom

Sunday 25 June 2017, , 10am - 5pm

Price: £129 early bird, £165

Venue: Carousel London, 71 Blandford Street, London, United Kingdom