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The Love & Relationship Reboot: Transform your relationships & love life in 6 weeks

Wednesday 1 November - Wednesday 6 December 2017, 7:30pm - 9:00pm



* Option to pay in instalments is available, if interested please email us: hello@jodyshield.co.uk *

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Woah. This is the most in-depth, transformative, and profound programme I’ve run. Ever.

The Love & Relationship Reboot walks you through everything you need to know (and heal) about love and relationships. It’s a radical and unique programme especially created to completely overhaul your love life. In a good way.

Plus, it’s discreet, confidential and perfectly designed to allow you to join from the comfort of your own home.

Whether your current relationship status is single / unavailable / married / or “it’s complicated”, I want to help you with your love struggles, to finally understand why your love life is or has been (pick most appropriate word…): non-existent / confusing / boring / painful / a let-down / a series of unfortunate, dramatic and/or traumatic events…

I want to support you to work at the deepest level to heal and transform your love life from the inside out.  

And to sweeten this opportunity even more, I’m offering you a special early-bird price (offer ends 25th Oct).

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Here’s The Love & Relationship Reboot in a nutshell:



– 6 week online programme to reset your love life and have healthy, deep and loving relationships.  

– 90 mins live sessions every Wednesday at 7.30-9pm (starting Nov 1st, ending 6th Dec)


Each week we’ll focus on one or two juicy new topic(s) which will include:


  • TRANSFORMING YOUR BELIEFS OF “LOVE” AND “RELATIONSHIPS”: we’ll shift and upgrade your beliefs to create the relationships you want in your life.


  • RECLAIMING YOUR SEXINESS: heal negative associations with sex and love-making, and release any trauma stuck in your body. You’ll feel sexy, confident and powerful in and out of the bedroom.


  • RELEASING EX’S + OLD RELATIONSHIPS: kick your ex’s out of your life and let go of old stories, painful memories, and heartbreaks that are stopping you from getting all the lovin’ you deserve


  • TRANSFORM YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURSELF BY LETTING GO OF BAD VIBES + EMOTIONS: improving your relationships starts with the relationship with yourself, change this and your whole outlook changes. It is time to bid farewell (for good!) to deep feelings of fear, unworthiness, rejection, abandonment, insecurity, loneliness, emotional unavailability, hurt and betrayal and get ready for some epic self-love!


  • HEALING YOUR INNER CHILD: There’s a saying that “we’re all wounded children walking around in adult’s bodies” which is very true! Reconnecting to this “wounded” part of you creates a deeper relationships with yourself and an opening towards your joy, happiness and curiosity again! Aka your lust for life!!!


  • HEALING YOUR HEART: if you’re single it will open your heart for new relationships to come in (nobody new will come in if it’s clogged up with annoying ex-partners) and if you’re in a relationship, it will take it to a whole new level of intimacy, love and deep connection


And much more….


TICKETS are £222, with an early-bird price of £185 (expires on 25th October).

* Instalments available, please email us: hello@jodyshield.co.uk

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– 6 x 90 min session programme with me

– ALL video and audio recordings (catch up, repeat or/and watch on the go)

– Access to Team Tonic and myself to answer any questions in between sessions

– BONUS #1: Preparation meditation to open you up to make the most out of the sessions (value £7.99)

– BONUS #2:  Integration meditation (value £7.99)

– BONUS #3: 30 mins live Q+A call a month after the final session



Once you’ve paid, we’ll send you the details to access the webinar platform and it’s easy peasy to download, log-in and relax. I’ll lead the sessions, and share powerful wisdom, techniques and healing.

It will be private, cosy, and very intimate. You’ll see and hear me, but you won’t see or hear each other- so it’s completely confidential.

Can’t join live? No problem. All sessions are recorded both video and audio so if you miss any, it’s all good! . You’re basically getting the content for life, so you’ll be able to re-listen as many times as you want.

Ready to have the most epic relationships of your life?

Don’t miss this special opportunity of investing in you and your heart. It’s one of it’s kind, and will cover all the topics that are holding you back from having the relationships you want. The value you will get from this group has the potential to change your love life and relationships, forever.

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London, United Kingdom

Wednesday 1 November - Wednesday 6 December 2017 , 7:30pm - 9:00pm

Price: EARLY BIRD £185, FULL PRICE £222