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I LOVE creating vision boards, and writing down things I want to feel, to do, to achieve in my life. In fact, I’m a little obsessed. I have a list on my iPhone, and every morning I read the list of items I want to manifest into my life. There’s nothing more exciting to me than connecting to the feelings of expansion, excitement and happiness when I tune in to what I want to achieve. You got to steer the ship somewhere right??

For me, visioning is a vital part of my life, because I know how powerful it is. When you’re focusing your energy somewhere in the future, things will begin to manifest at a point in time.

When I joined the Lululemon team two years ago, as part of my ambassadorship, I was asked to create a vision of 10 years time. I had lots of resistance and my argument was that I lived in the moment, I couldn’t possibly look forward ten years etc. I came up with lots of different excuses why not to do the exercise. Why? Perhaps I was afraid of putting my hopes and dreams down on paper, just in case they came true.

Today I’m all about visioning, and teaching everyone around me too. When my team has visions, the business grows from the inside – out.

I find the Kikki K inspire range perfect for getting started. The ready-made inspiration, stickers, quotes and thought-starters make it easier to spark imagination. binäre optionen iq option DREAM – write down all your dreams, no matter how big, ridiculous, unachievable they may seem, putting them down onto paper is a great first step. Whenever we think about our “dreams” or things we want to do, have, see, feel, we begin to stir something deep inside which says “YES” go for it. And drives us forward towards our dreams. I have so many dreams – some huge big ones, some smaller. See below for some of mine:


IMG_5561 forex trading articles DO – always doing things that light you up, so you feel excited, happy, joyful in your mind, heart and body i.e. your inner world. When you feel this inside, you’ll create it outside. When you’re wanting to create more love in your life for example, doing things that you love to do, will switch on the feelings of love on the inside. This will create more love in your outside world. When you feel good inside, you’re world will change outside.




opzioni binarie cosa sono SHARE – sharing your gifts with the world, and your skills, strengths, passions. How can you help others? How can you be in service to others? This is a brilliant way to open your mind to giving and being here for something greater than you. We get so stuck in our own minds, we forget about the wider world and supporting causes we feel resonate with us. See my ideas below:




forex handel ausbildung ENJOY – life is to be enjoyed and celebrated. Get clear on what you enjoy about your life. What are you grateful for? How you can switch off from technology and busyness and find your own inner peace? Here’s my ideas:




The Kikki K range of books….not just for your coffee table! For you to use too 🙂




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