Ashley Roberts

Jody is such a beautiful beam of light. After my first session I was hooked! She is a vibrant channel for us to clear out the old and see the truth of what we really are. Grateful to have her as a mentor and get to call her my friend

Ashley Roberts

Music Artist, TV Presenter, Model

Ella Mills

Jody is absolutely amazing, I’m incredibly inspired by her energy. She’s been a huge help to me, keeping me grounded and allowing me to let go of things that were holding me back. I couldn’t recommend a session with her more

Ella Mills

Founder of Deliciously Ella & Mae Deli | Best selling Author | Entrepreneur

Madeleine Shaw

Jody makes meditation cool, spreading her amazing message of self love and how reconnect with your true self, her book is a game changer

Madeleine Shaw

Bestselling Author | Health Coach | Yoga Teacher

Emine Headshot

Jody completely disarmed me. Her bubbly, smiley, easygoing demeanour belie a very deep, powerful and spiritual gift – and after a weekend with her, when she dispelled all cynicism for her unique healing work, I floated away, heart wide open, fully blissed out. She has an amazing gift for connecting on a very human level with you – her honesty and truth make her so very warm and welcoming, which allows you to trust – not just her, but yourself, and thereby the process of letting go. Time in her healing company, when she imparts her own wisdom without judgement or sanctimony, feels like two things – an enormous life-affirming session with a great friend, and a deep, powerful, sometimes painful process of releasing the things that you’ve held on to for way too long. A spirit guide, a magic maker, a divine woman.

Eminé Rushton

Wellness Director, PSYCHOLOGIES magazine

Victoria Yeates

Jody completely took my breath away. The depth of her work is extremely powerful and transformative, it has cleared away so many blocks for me in every area of my life both emotionally and physically. She is truly life-changing!

Victoria Yeates


Oliver Jones

I’m so incredibly grateful that I have found a healer by the name of Jody.
She is a breath of fresh air, finally someone can connect to my soul and
can feel/see what I’ve been through without judgement. I feel so much
lighter and happier for it. I’m able to cope with life’s challenges with a
calmness and clarity that I could only wish for in the past. THANK YOU!!

Oliver Jones

Freelance Designer | Writer

Vicki Burtt

Thanks so much Jody – it was magical. I’ve been feeling great today, albeit a little tired. It was a very powerful (and much needed) session
You are a miracle worker!

Vicki Burtt

Love Coach | NLP Practitioner | Co-Founder of Project Love


After spending few months working on my nutrition I felt that my heart and mind needed cleansing too. A friend had recommended Jody and after one session I was hooked. She has a real sense of ‘you’ instantly and I was amazed at how much better I felt after the first session. It’s been fantastic to feel calmer and more like the ‘unique’ me. I feel far more connected with my spiritual self and more in control of my life and happiness. I have recommended her to so many friends that she is fast becoming the worst kept secret to a happy and more content life.


Fashion Stylist | Founder of Red Thread magazine

Alan Dolan

Just one session with Jody was enough to zero-in on a major issue (in fact THE major issue) get to the bottom of it, and deconstruct it. One year later I am happier than I have ever been, and I know Jody played a major part in that (frankly miraculous) transformation. Thank you.

Alan Dolan

Founder of Breathguru | Breathing Space Retreats

Jerry-Pic-300x300 2

I was going through a bad patch when I was called to schedule a session with Jody. Right from the beginning, she made me feel safe and at home. Her bubbly nature immediately uplifts you, before you even get started with the Light Grids work. I left the session feeling feather light and like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Highly recommended, sessions with Jody will immensely improve your quality of life.


Marketing Manager

014__DSC7177-copy1-255x300 2

I met Jody by chance (or maybe it wasn’t) and immediately knew there was a reason. Discovering her heading has given me the clarity and objectivity that gets lost with the madness and chaos of day to day life. Each healing has given me insight into the direction or decision I wanted to take and I now know it’ll be a part of my own personal maintenance and down time. In addition to this, Jody’s infectious and calming energy make it a joy to just say hello.

Mark Rogue

Founding Partner, Regal Rogue


I have found the light grids has transformed not only the way I feel but also my thinking. I find myself walking along the street reminding myself to fully take my seat in the world! I also focus a lot more on emanating from the heart and have found that Jody’s voice and guidance will pop into my head to remind me to return to this place of power and calm. Sessions with Jody are very powerful and come highly recommended. Jody is a true guide and healer and she has tremendous insight

Helen Johnson

Founder of Goddess Acumen, Advanced EFT Practitioner, NLP Master


I can thoroughly recommend a healing session with Jody. I have worked with many different healers over the years and found Jody to be super tuned in and effective. She is an amazing intuitive healer, leading me deep into my psyche and genetic coding helping me to bring to consciousness some deeply held ancient and ancestral issues and more importantly to clear them immediately. I feel more grounded, happy and present.
My work has become more light hearted and enjoyable… exciting chapter is unfolding in my new studio at the Light Factory. We all have a duty to process and clear our out-of-date belief systems and tendencies that cause us suffering in the present and Jody has a gift for uncovering hidden trauma and experience often deep in our ancestral past. I felt that working with Jody has helped not only me but my parents and grandparents over generations…..what a gift. Thank you so much for the help and support and I look forward to more sessions in the future.

Sabrina Hamilton

Award-winning painter


I have had a few sessions with Jody both group and 1 to 1’s and have found working with her very healing. Each session has been very different but I’ve have felt extremely calm and relaxed afterwards. Jody is very intuitive and picks up on things others have missed. I would highly recommend visiting her.

Jess Horn

Yoga Teacher


I have been RAVING about Jody to everyone since my first session. I went into it with an open-mind and curiosity but no huge expectations. It blew me away – both the experience itself AND the long-lasting impact it has had on me since. It helped me to relate to myself in a healthier, happier, more loving and connected way and that makes a huge difference to how I interpret life, respond to it and most importantly feel about myself. Jody is a leading pioneer in the movement to living from the heart and her light-grid sessions are a way to powerfully clear away the obstacles that stop us each from doing that so that we can shift into a place of living from love and not from fear. I haven’t met a single person who has not been totally blown away by their sessions with Jody. I am recommending them to everyone.

Selina Barker

Career change coach | Co-founder of Project Love

Beth Reacher

Working with Jody has been transformational. After just a couple of sessions, I feel lighter, brighter, more connected and awake in my life – it’s like I’ve had a good body/mind/soul detox! And the great thing is I didn’t have to go on any miserable diet to get there – I got the full benefit of this beautiful healing work after just one session. I really do believe that we’re complex psychobiological beings- that we store emotion and beliefs on a deep cellular level and this affects every aspect of our experience. True healing and transformation comes only if we embrace this and in my eyes, Light Grids does exactly this.
Jody is a true light worker who I believe has great work to do here, as many of us are seeking to wake up and embrace our full mind/body/soul potential. I will continue to keep Jody close by in my team of personal growth gurus leading the way and most importantly, truly living the message they’re here to share.

Beth Reacher

Life Coach, Writer and Public Speaker at BETHREACHER.COM


Jody is a very gifted and special lady, and her ethereal presence and intuition are extraordinary. She immediately made me feel relaxed and completely safe, and as I have a history of struggling to trust people – this was huge for me. I felt deeply connected spiritually and physically after my session, and for the next 3 days afterwards also. Nothing is required but an open heart and mind, and the rewards you will get will be life-changing, I guarantee it.

Persia Lawson

co-founder of alternative lifestyle brand


I so enjoyed the group session with Jody. After a back-to-back week in London you get so used to carrying on being ‘busy’ on a Friday night and diving straight into the weekend. It’s so important to stop, pause, reflect and bring awareness gently back. After Jody’s session I felt as if the blurry nature of the week had shifted and I had clarity of mind and felt more open. Jody’s guidance and the feeling of clearing out old blockages from the past made the time pass super fast. I particularly enjoyed the way the session explored the concept of scale. From a cellular level right out into the galaxies. It felt as if we were all zooming in from micro to the macro which was exhilarating – especially as a group experience. I am extremely interested in the intersection of science and spirituality in my life and work so it was a really wonderful experience for me (that far outweighed going to the pub!).

Anna Murray

Co-founder of


As a very practical ‘do-er’ type, I am drawn to the idea of self-help because it allows me to help myself. Embarking on a session with Jody was therefore a little out of my comfort zone and if I’m honest, I did wonder whether lying on a bed in a state of inactivity would be the thing for me. Long story short, it turned out it was. Jody identified the areas where I felt stuck (and also some that I had not even given voice to myself yet…) and within an hour, she had cleared my energy channels. And all I had to do was lie there! I definitely felt an inward shift towards lightness and observed in the days following my session that I was perceiving the world through a more positive filter. I’d definitely recommend working with Jody. Especially to those who are frantic and constantly in action – the light grid sessions are the antidote to a stress-filled existence.

Joanne Bradford

co-founder of alternative lifestyle brand


Jody’s gentle and kind angelic and simultaneously super grounded earthen energy powerfully shifted me into a confidence I had only inhabited as a very young fearless child. She clearly was able to remove leftover emotional trauma stored in my cells from every fiber of my being and put my focus completely and fully into my heart. My energy shifted from fear and doubt to confident,calm excitement, and playful Lightness of heart. For many years I had experienced energy and healing work, yet nothing compares to what happened in my second, which I would call breakthrough session with Jody. I can only recommend to allow Jody to assist you in freeing yourself from shackles of the past, if you’re ready to take off and fly and be free to joyously live your dreams.

Natacia Satie

Actress and singer


I went to Jody for a Light Grids session when I was feeling run down and energetically overwhelmed. As a therapist myself I needed (like we all do) to feel I could connect and share my current feelings with someone of like mind. As soon as I arrived I knew our work had begun and immensely enjoyed a relaxing and inspiring healing. In the days after I could still feel the session working and noticed an instant shift through some of my blocks.
Jody is everything that you want your therapist to be – down to earth, kind and empathetic. Whether you are looking to get to the bottom of a challenge or just seek an hour in a safe and relaxing environment she is your go to. As well as her one on one sessions Jody is a delight to spend time with and really shines bright as an inspirational speaker and heart-centred teacher. I am happy to be able to recommend her very highly

Louise Androlia

Holistic Empowerment Coach