Release your baggage

5 years ago, I was carrying around a lot of ‘baggage’. I felt heavy in my body (my mind and my heart), emotionally awkward, and I was anxious quite a lot of the time. I’d just started a new relationship and I was petrified of screwing it up. I was lost. And stuck. 

Of course, I was in denial about all of the above. And in my mind I wasn’t anxious or emotionally unavailable, I was just tough, and I lived through the teenage me who believed it was ‘weak’ to show emotion, or admit I had any issues whatsoever.

In reality, I didn't understand emotions or anxiety (and the rest) let alone what I could about it. I didn't know how to get help (without admitting I had a problem and / or was struggling a bit = a sign of weakness) or that I needed it.

Deep down I knew how I really felt, but as I was in denial I’d just go out and get drunk whenever the anxiety kicked in and I needed to escape.

We’re very good at escaping our issues, and we’re very good at being in denial about anything being wrong. We just struggle on. When we feel like it’s all getting too much, rather than actually doing something about it, we reach for a glass of wine to sooth our woes. This helps in the short-term, but believe me it doesn’t help build a brighter future :-)

One day we have a breakdown, or a breakup. Then we need to talk about it. And we might see a therapist, or a healer, or get into meditation, or take medication.

Why wait until then? 

I healed myself through releasing the baggage and pains of the past. I believe it’s the ONLY way for long-lasting, permanent change. Ask any psychologist and they'll confirm that we hold onto memories and emotions from our childhood, and other traumatic experiences. We store them in our system, and they become the foundation for our life’s issues in the now. So surely then, the way to heal from your issues is to release the pains from the past?

Absolutely 1000% YES. 

Come to the next SoulTonic (soon-to-be LifeTonic) session on Sunday 10th April, and without revealing your life’s problems, you can painlessly release your past. Join me and work through 3 hours of guided meditation as we touch on topics and pain-points which will completely resonate with you….as if by magic! You will feel lighter, energised, rejuvenated and more powerful in your own skin (it’s in the testimonials).

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And it doesn’t matter about your beliefs, or what your parents believed, or whether you’re completely sceptical. This healing work is for everyone, especially if you have the most resistance.

*May cause giggles, giddiness, contagious grins and a supernatural high.

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