My 5 biggest teachings of 2017



What. A. Year.


2017: Wild. Painful. Abundant. Incredible. Heart-breaking. Mind-blowing.


Here are the top 5 things I did/figured out this year:


1.I leant to be in my YES. Total game-change. Door opener. Magnet to all things good.

2. I learnt (and am still learning) the value of slowing down to speed up. Man, it’s a practice!

3. I rediscovered what intimacy and sensuality actually mean. And it feels good. Real good.

4. Faced fears dead on. Packed my bags and ventured into the sunny unknown (aka California). It paid off in more ways than I can describe. 100% recommended.

5. I had to quit coffee. I figured out my body doesn’t like it. Heartbreaking, I know. But such an important revelation.


And extra bonus...

6. I created an amazing high-vibe morning routine that keeps me going through the dark times.

I’ll be sharing it with you in Jan, so stay tuned!


Now, question for you: what were your top 5 lessons of 2017?

Grab your favorite notebook and write them down!