Stop resisting resistance



Sneaky. Overwhelming. Uncomfortable. Heavy.  


Compelling. Powerful. Seductive.


You know that feeling. That sticky sensation you get when you gotta do stuff you don’t wanna do. 


Paying bills. Apologizing. Meditating. Checking your account balance. Yoga. 


Yup. We’ve all been there. 


But thankfully there are ways of not letting resistance win every battle. Or sour every day of our lives. 


If you’re like, ok I’m ready to start unravelling this sucky lil’ thing… then you wanna watch EPISODE TWO of Jody LIVE.

It will help. 

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And make sure you “like” my FB page, so you won’t miss any of the good stuff. 

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And also, here’s a quote. ‘cause quotes are awesome. 

“Whatever you resist you become. If you resist anger, you are always angry. If you resist sadness, you are always sad. If you resist suffering, you are always suffering. If you resist confusion, you are always confused.

We think that we resist certain states because they are there, but actually they are there because we resist them.”

– Adyashanti

Jody Shield