How to feel like superwoman... while being trolled in your own live event -true story-



TRUTH TALKS. Yesterday, while on my Facebook live, I got trolled. 


Yep. Two guys jumped into my new Jody LIVE show, and began to take the piss out of what I was saying. 


They were ON me - sole aim was to distract me, take me down and watch me fail. As you can imagine, it did distract me.


They were commenting on absolutely everything I was saying, bantering back and forth with each other while trying to get my attention.


For a moment, I panicked. 


And then I realised I had TWO choices:

1) Freak out and fall to pieces
2) Use their energy to fuel my own, and gain more power


And this is exactly what I did. 


And you know what? It was a totally natural reaction, I didn't even have to think about it, I just kept going, unwavered by them and their rude comments. 


It feels so good to say that, and own more of my own power.

If you're faced with a similar situation or "test" use their energy to power you up, because it's showing you that you're ready to take on the test. 


You can handle it. Otherwise it wouldn't be entering your space...or that's what I believe anyway! 🙌🏼



So back to the newest Jody LIVE episode….


How many times have you woken up feeling wobbly, anxious and unbalanced (no matter how good your sleep was)? 


Or walked into a meeting feeling totally underprepared (no matter how much you *actually* prepared for it)?


Or gone out to a party and found yourself running to the loo every few mins to sort yourself out because you feel small compared to everyone else?


Or got trolled in your Facebook LIVE show? 


We’ve all been there. 


And the good news is that there are ways of snapping us out of insecurity and fear and into a place of strength and courage... 


Ways of tapping into our inner superwomen (or superman!), if you will. 



In my new episode of JODY LIVE I shared:

  • The behind-the-scenes story of how I went from feeling insecure in social situations to being a confident social butterfly. 
  • Teachings about what insecurity / low self-esteem is and WHY we have it.  
  • My #1 tool to help you be fiercely confident and more successful in your life. 



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Jody Shield