ANXIETYSOS: 5 day challenge to kiss your anxiety goodbye *free*

I have something veeeeeery exciting to share with you:

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week (which is next week), I’m running a *FREE* 5-day challenge to tackle one of the biggest and sneakiest saboteurs to our happiness and wellbeing *drumroll please* :



Aren’t you sick and tired of those never-ending racing thoughts, sleepless nights, constant knots in your tummy, and a persistent sensation of overwhelming and worry?


And I think it’s time to get real, claim back your power and officially break-up with anxiety. Once and for all.

We ain't got time for it no more.

Nope. So long. Good riddance.

Cue my ANXIETYSOS: 5 day challenge

You’ll get: 

5 daily emails (from Mon 14th - Fri 18th) with:

💓 5 simple (but super effective) mini-challenges

💓 5 inspiring videos to give you understand anxiety and start feeling less overwhelmed

AND a kickass FB pop-up community where I’ll be to support you

So hit the button below to sign up for my *free* {AnxietySOS 5-day challenge} and kiss your good-for-nothing anxiety goodbye.

We start next Monday 14th. 

See you there, babe! xx

Jody Shield