My 3 secrets to make my wedding planning flow (apply to any big life event!)

2 years ago, I got engaged. At Beyonce. In Paris. The works! 
The boy knows how to do a proposal.

And yet, even though we both wanted to move our relationship to the next level, I could feel we were holding back a little. 

What was in the way? 

The Wedding. To clarify, the BIG DAY, the pressure, the stress, everything that comes with organising a big event. It felt unnecessary, and something we just didn’t want in our lives. 

My guy is modest, introvert, doesn’t like a “fuss”. And I had too many other exciting things happening. Too many distractions.      

So I decided that our wedding didn’t need to be a BIG DAY!!! Our wedding could be exactly what we wanted it to be - drama-free, relaxed, chilled, intimate and special. No need for it to be anything else that weddings usually are!

And so I focused on creating my wedding in a way that felt exactly that...effortless, easy and in-flow!

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