If you show me yours, I'll show you mine 😉

Hi 👋🏻 I’m Jody and I’m a feisty Liverpudlian (although the accent is long gone) and I thought it was time I told you more about me.

I’m married to Paul who I met at Burning Man back in 2009 who is gentle, incredibly creative, modest and is about to give up his high powered Head of Music job at O2 to come and work with me (I know massive hey? more on this to come). 

My love language is physical touch and his is acts of service which I’m learning to love (and currently as I write this I’m covered in paint - I just painted my first wall because it was time to suck it up and muck in with the DIY ha!).

In my late thirties now, I’ve experienced a lot in my life, I’ve got years of working in business under my belt (16 to be precise) I’ve had many failures and lately many successes of which I’m super proud 🎉 I’ve travelled around the world, taken plant medicine, danced with indigenous tribes, swam naked in lakes and oceans 🌊 seen too many perfect sunsets to count and I honestly feel like I’m only getting started !

I still find it hard to be vulnerable even with all the self-development work I’ve done, it’s still hard....however I am totally committed and I’m learning how to change my story and open more and more every day. 

Every day I make a super conscious choice to show up. As if my life depended on it. Because I know I’m here to experience the BEST life I possibly can, in all its entirety and that excites me more than anything else. 

Anyway, I’m figuring it all out as I go along like all of us on here. And I hope to inspire you to share, to learn and to show up too. 

Here are THREE things you wouldn’t know about me:

  1. CLOSED DOWN EMOTIONALLY: I was so closed down and disconnected from my emotions and it would frustrate all my friends, all they’d want is for me to open up, and I found it absolutely impossible. I believed that if I did open up, I’d be burdening them and then they’d leave me and I’d lose them. Crazy I know. In fact when I began to open up, I saw that it had the opposite effect.

  2. FORGET TO EAT. Sometimes I forget to eat, and I can go for hours without eating anything. I think it’s the part of me who doesn’t want to be grounded haha. Luckily my team know this about me and so remind me to eat when I forget. I used to have an eating disorder (which I talk about honestly and openly in my book) and I am completely healed of this, so I’m more than aware of the impact of having a disconnected relationship with food, but I feel my avoidance is more to do with not wanting to be grounded (as I mentioned above).

  3. ADDICTIVE PERSONALITY. I have an addictive personality, and so I’m an extreme kind of person. I don’t see this as a weakness as I’m more addicted to the good stuff than the bad (although I have a fairly dark past!) but I throw myself into everything and as my ex boyfriend used to say: “More of EVERYTHING!”

Thanks for allowing my to share more and open up, it means a lot!

All my love, Jody ♥️

Jody Shield