3 secrets to love your body (and feel sexy, confident and empowered)

Think about your relationship to your body, what’s it like?

Do you want to lose a few pounds?

Tighten up the thighs, build muscle in your butt?!

I’d suggest most of us have some kind of issue towards our body, and according to eating disorder statistics in the UK, 1.6 million people are affected by an eating disorder. I struggled with bulimia for 8 years starting in my early twenties, so I experienced this first-hand.

I found out that we hold many “body” memories in our subconscious.

Maybe we were teased for having “puppy fat” (like me), or heard a teenage boy we fancied talking about our fat thighs, or a boyfriend telling us we’d be better if we lost some weight (as also happened to me). We hold onto the memory, and associated emotions of being “fat” or “not slim enough”. We remember all the images of the “perfect body” portrayed in magazines.

From this, we construct an ideal body image, which we can never match up to. Burdened with all of these old memories and reasons why our bodies aren’t good enough, we create negative beliefs about our bodies and we suffer...

"Your body is suffering because of your past experiences, and the beliefs and feelings you’ve created around them".

We become disconnected from our bodies. We’re not fully present in our lives, and when we’re not present, we’re in a state of avoidance, sabotage, we’re dis-empowered and we’re not able to be the confident, successful humans like we strive to be.    

It’s time to heal your body. It’s time to get more present, and fully show up in your life.

How? Check out my JODY LIVE episode to hear more about my story and body-confidence tips.



Which part of your body do you dislike the most? Place your hands onto the part, and sit there for 3-5 minutes, breathing into the body part, and giving this part compliments and love e.g. if it’s your tummy, place both hands onto your tummy, and send it love. Really sit with it, and bask your tummy with positive affirmations, affection, love. Be personal with your tummy again. It’s a part of you. Respect it as such.


When you next feel pain, rather than reaching for the Nurofen, why not sit somewhere quiet and close your eyes. Take some nice, deep breaths into your body and move your focus to the pain. Sit with the pain and start to become curious about what your body is feeling. Usually, behind the pain is blocked energy or emotion, so all you need to do is breathe into it and have the intention to “let it go”. You might need to sit with the pain for a few minutes. Be patient and tell yourself you have all the time in the world. It’s not always about the quick fix.


Imagine your heart as the authentic centre of you, and when you connect to your heart by placing one hand on there (do it now), and you breathe into your heart, you instantly feel centred and more connected to yourself. Sounds easy and yet I guarantee, you’ll try your best to sabotage this simple act of centring yourself for instant results. Why? Because we’re programmed to disconnect more than connect, connecting to yourself might mean you feel pain before you relax and feel blissful. Connecting to your heart is one of the most powerful things you can do.

And the most important bonus tool...


Loving your body doesn’t start at the gym, or when you get those sexy toned arms… it starts with you, right now. I have a beautiful meditation to help connect with your gorgeous body (check it out here) or if you want some deeper healing, check this recording out here


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