As you let your hair down and party hard this xmas, spare a little thought for your poor old body, mind and soul, all this partying’s gotta take it’s toll. And this week’s run up to Christmas is crazy as hell, with frantic last-minute present dashes to Oxford Circus (yuk!). You are destined for burnout, heartburn and exhaustion.

And then comes Christmas, and you overindulge even more…mindless eating, quality street for breakfast, cheese and canapés for every meal and copious amounts of sloe gin.

At some point you need to replenish, and that’s the good news about Jan. But you don’t need to wait until Jan – set your new year intentions early this year and plan to invest into you. We’ve released tickets for our Jan SoulTonic session (inner detox and clear out of mind, body, soul) and they’re selling like hot cakes….get a xmas pressie that’s good for ya (and bring your friend!).


Here are 3 tools to survive Christmas with your sanity:

1) TREAT YOURSELF (& don’t feel guilty about it). Put nourishment back into you (and I don’t mean chicken soup) buy yourself a massage or a nice night cream…something that makes you feel cared-for.

2) BALANCE YOURSELF when you eat sugar, drink lemon water to balance it out. When you over-eat drink lemon water or fresh mint tea to aid with digestion. Help yourself a little more during this gluttonous period!

3) MEDITATE go here for the latest and greatest meditations. New one coming next week.

Always love and Christmas kisses