Only 2 days to go until the big day….woohoo. You’ll feast, you’ll binge, Ferrero Rocher for breakfast and Netflix back-to-back. What’s not to love?! And of course, the presents.

Are you a gift giver or receiver?

I’m a giver, it’s much more my comfort zone and I get a real buzz from giving lovely presents. Receiving is much harder!

If like me, you find it hard to receive, here’s a little tip for you. When someone gives you a gift, look them in the eyes when you take the gift, take it slowly and mindfully, and say in your mind “I’d like to receive the energy and love behind this gift”. A gift is given from a place of love, and even if it’s the worst present ever, that person is showing you their love in the best way they know how (it works for me!).


After our Christmas do + pamper night (cheeky nails and hair treats), we’re fully chilling out here at JS towers, taking stock of this year, releasing what no longer serves us for next year, and creating lots of space for new and juicy ideas. It feels exciting (and we’re hopeful!).

We want to say a big thanks to you all, and we wish you a very Happy Christmas. Here’s to more healing, meditations, events and inspiration in 2016.


Here’s our Christmas present to you, to help you release what you don’t need, replenish and relax before family time and crazy drinking games.


With love always and Christmas kisses