How to attract in the good stuff + let go of the old crap

2016's been a fairly rough year for many people. For you too? What do you want to let go of right now, and leave behind in 2016?

Take time to get clear on this. I'm going to give you a good tool to help you let go.

Many years ago, after taking Ayahuasca in the jungle, I was a women possessed! I had so much "junk" on the surface that I needed to let go of. And so without understanding what I was doing, I started to furiously write things down on paper: letters to ex-boyfriends, letters to friends I'd fallen out with, old habits I wanted to leave behind, people I wanted to forgive etc. The papers piled up next to me, and I knew there was only one thing for it. I needed to burn them. And so I did. Out the window, one paper after the next. With each paper, I read the words out loud, and then told myself to let go, as the smoke billowed out and into the atmosphere.

Now I recommend you do the same.

Get some paper. Write down whatever you're ready to let go of. There might be a few things. When you're ready to let it go, head somewhere you can burn the papers safely (without causing a fire in your home!). Maybe outside, or in the sink?

Read the list out loud to yourself, while saying something like this: "thank you for these experiences, and now I am letting them go" and then watch it go up in flames.

Fire is very cleansing, and highly transformational. Those fire spirits will lick everything up, and digest it into ashes. It's powerful stuff.

Well done!! You did a cleansing ritual. Now how do you feel?


AWESOME. Right, now this is the good bit: What do you want to attract more of in 2017?

Write a list of what you want more of, and with each thing, ask yourself: "How do I want to feel when I have this?" This is very important - the how you FEEL when you have those things. Feelings and emotions are the jewels that bring more of the good stuff in, so take time creating how you want to feel.

As you write down the things you want more of, act as if you already have them. Oh and I say "thank you" at the beginning of each thing. For example:

- Thank you that I have an intimate and loving relationship, and I feel fully supported and taken care of and loved beyond measure every, single day.

Now think about where your "touch-points" are. As in, where are you most likely to see this list in your day-to-day activities? Do you use the list app on your iPhone? If so, put the list there. Do you have a desk at home where you work? If so, put the list on the wall above your desk. Make it easier for yourself, and put it somewhere you won't miss it.

Re-read the list as often as you want. Maybe once a day is enough. Don't overdo it, as you'll act desperate and be attached to the list, and that type of energy won't attract the list in. Instead act relaxed, casual, and yet you're fully committed to your list. Make sense?

GREAT. Good luck. And have a fun and happy new year :-)

{Oh and you can do this exercise in Jan if you missed this. Do it anytime in fact}