Be more wealthy

Do you dream of the day when your money worries are a distant memory?

When you happily coast to the end of the month with a nice, tidy sum in the bank. When you always have “enough” to do whatever you want, whenever you want. When you’re smart and have savings, no credit card debt, and you actually get excited about managing your money.

For many of us, money is hard to earn, hard to keep and not easy to manage. We bury our heads in the sand, avoid looking at our bank statements, and dodge online banking.

Growing up with money

We inherit our money “stories” and beliefs from our parents. How did your parents relate to money? Were they stressed out? Moaning about not having enough? Quick to judge wealthy people? Not wanting to talk about it? Believed it was hard to earn? Did they divorce and fight about money?

If you feel: fear, resentment, frustration, around money, you’ve most likely witnessed your parents’ negative relationship with money while growing up. When you’re small, you soak up everything that’s happening around you, including how your parents related to money. Imagine how many memories you have about money?

The main problem is, we don’t remember them.

Our money memories create money stories, which form our beliefs about money. These stay dormant in our subconscious - the part of our brain intelligence that we don’t have access to unless in meditation, in deep relaxation, and with a therapist or healer of some sort. Without this, we miss our “blind” spots, and can’t dig deep enough. We’re too good at protecting ourselves.

More joy, less overwhelm

We all deserve to earn more. The more we earn, the more of our gorgeous self sparkles out into the world. And the world needs more of you, and your bright light! So let’s transform your money stories into abundance, and you into a radiant receiver of positive energy and financial flow.

Here’s how:


What if money had ears? And it could hear what you were already saying about it? And it would react based on this. So if you’re constantly saying: “I don’t have enough, there isn’t enough” what do you think will happen? won’t have enough! So it’s time to create some positive stories about money. What about being grateful for what money you do have? And how about reframing your relationship with money to be a positive one? Re-writing your money story. Start with some key phrases about how you’d like your relationship with money to be.


Start by receiving compliments. Notice yourself when someone “pays” you a compliment. Do you brush it off, or deflect? Instead, try receiving it. Meet them eye-to-eye and say “thanks, I receive that”.


Withdraw enough funds to cover your day-to-day expenses, from food shopping to tube travel to lunch. Studies even show that people tend to spend less when they’re using cash, in part because parting with physical money makes more of a psychological impression than swiping a card. You’re also more likely to pay attention to how you spend your money.


Look in your wallet right now. What do you see? Bundles of receipts? Chaos? Is it tatty and torn? You need to invest into a brand, new wallet. Trust me, it’s worth the investment. Your wallet is a receptacle for attracting in more money into your life. If it’s stuffed full of crap, there’s no space for anything new. So clear it out and keep it clear!!