What to do when your best isn't enough

  You are doing the best you can.

You are always doing the best you can. And yet why doesn't your best feel like it's enough?

Sometimes no matter how hard we try, in our own eyes we aren't trying hard enough. We have a little voice inside our mind who is constantly telling us off for it. We might not notice, because we're so used to hearing it, but it's there alright. We fight against our own self-image, and believe that in some way, we're inadequate.

Sound familiar?

When we believe we're not enough, we hold back. We aren't living life to the full. We know there's more of us to give the world. But we're stuck. And we beat ourselves up for being stuck. We sabotage our progress, and avoid those self-help tools we know will help: meditation, cheering ourselves on in the mirror, taking warm epson salt baths, morning journal etc.

You are waiting in the shadows to come out. You can be bolder, brighter and bigger. You are enough, it's an illusion you created as a child when you didn't receive the type of love you needed. No-one's fault, and you can grow from this now.

Right now, you're using a quarter of your potential and you know it.

You are absolutely ready to shine and have more success, abundance and love. Deep-down you know this, but you're really, really afraid.

I've felt the resistance, the procrastination, the fear and the voice of "I'm not enough". I'm through my doubt, and I'm on the other side. Life is pretty bl**dy good from where I'm standing.

I'd love you to join me.

Come and work through your blocks, your limitations, procrastinations, and move into a place of: growing, expanding, receiving success, abundance and massive achievements.

It's time!


  • LIFETONIC WEEKENDER: Join me for 2 full days of Transformation and Healing - you will have multiple breakthroughs and release your heavy baggage from the past holding you back in your life now - MORE INFO
  • HONOUR YOUR RESISTANCE: Resistance shows up when you're about to have a breakthrough, so if you're driving forward towards something, resistance will show up each time you're near the finish line. Become more aware of your resistance, because it's hiding something amazing. You can say out loud: " I honour my resistance" and name that you have resistance. Now it has nowhere to hide.
  • YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS THIS MONTH: List everything you've achieved this month so far. Make your list, and then read it back to yourself. How amazing are you?! You've done so well, you always do! You Rock!
  • YOU ARE ENOUGH: Tell yourself in the mirror: "I Am Enough". Repeat it, and say it louder and louder until you feel it in every cell of your body