My biggest secret to manifestation

Did you ever have an imaginary friend? Close your eyes, take some deep breaths in, and see if you can remember. Or even better, ask your inner child… or mum if your inner child isn't feeling chatty. Take a little time with this. It’s a pathway to re-opening your powerful imagination, which you probably closed down as you grew up.

Mine was a fairy, like Tinkerbell from Peter Pan. I loved playing with her, and was obsessed with flower-fairy toys with crowns and wings. I imagined a world of fairies all around me, playing, laughing and twinkling around me.

Imagination plays a BIG part in creating and manifesting the life you dream of: it’s like sprinkling magic dust onto your new life, making it richer, more vibrant, and totally high vibe. Through your imagination you can easily create the environment and feelings you want to experience, and by doing this, attract things that you desire into your life. The richer your imagination, the stronger the visualisation, and the faster it will be manifested (come true!).

Putting “grown-up” limitations, and scepticism to one side, and being open to all possibilities (as children are) is also crucial for bringing your visions into form. When I opened up my imagination, I experienced how spirit guides and our helpers can communicate with us through our imagination (just like having a modern imaginary friend) using visuals, thoughts, numbers, colours.....all this from someone who didn’t believe in anything spiritual 7 years ago.

If this means little to you now, that's totally ok! It'll make sense whenever you’re ready.

Don't forget that it's likely at some point in your life, you've been told to: get your head out of the clouds! Or whatever else you've been told. Just like in Peter Pan, we get told to stop believing in fairies…

Yet, as Roahl Dahl said: “Those who do not believe in magic will never find it

And life without magic is a very sad existence. And so, I invite you to find a way to re-open that part of you. It’s the difference between living an average (and often boring) life, and a fantastical one full of fun and excitement.


Are you ready to add some magic to your life? Here’s how I did it:

1. Made friends with my imaginary friend again. A great way to tap into my imagination and create unbelievable things in my life. I wrote my imaginary fairy friend a letter, and asked her to be back in my life again. I imagined her little fairy face when she received this letter, and how happy she was to be back.

2. Became aware of when I shutdown my imagination. I figured out it was around the age of 5 or 6, which was quite early on. I went back to my 5 year old, and imagined seeing her sitting on a chair alone, and I spoke to her. I told her she was ok, and that I was there with her. She didn’t need to feel alone anymore. Connecting with this part of myself was very healing and powerful.

3. Started reading Roald Dahl books again. This really sparked something deep inside me. Even looking at his quotes made me smile. He’s so tuned into his inner child, you can feel his joy through the words.

J xx