My book is editors pick on Audible + the recording "journey"

My audible book is an editors pick on Audible. WOW!!! This absolutely lights me up! If you haven't heard of Audible, or know what it is, you're not alone. I've never owned Audible, or bought any audible recordings. I had seen the recent TV ads, and quite liked the idea of listening to the author reading their book. It's soooo powerful when you're guided through an audio experience with someone - you really go on a journey with them.  


What you don't know, is that I had a mini "journey" recording it. I felt lots of emotion coming up while I was reading it out loud to someone I'd just met (the sound producer) and going through the journey again. There was quite a bit going on in my mind, when I was going through the recording process. It was very easy to tap into my feelings of vulnerability, and I felt very exposed while I was reading, and although my producer was really sympathetic and understanding, each time he picked me up on swallowing too much or making funny noises with my mouth, I went into my "not good enough" zone.

Yet all the while, I couldn't help knowing that being vulnerable while telling my story and reading the book was a good thing - that you, the listener would be more connected to the book, and words you were listening to. Amazingly enough, when I showed up for my second recording session, my throat was clearer, I felt more open and calmer. I'd gone through a big speaking transformation, and I could feel it in myself. So sitting it out, and carrying on regardless (even though I felt vulnerable) really paid off!!

AND When you listen to it, you won't notice anything as it's all in my mind, and being a "speaker" has its advantages - the words flow easily, and I know how to bring a story to life. So I'm very happy with it, and I'm so grateful to go through a transformation during the making of it (as I did with my book).

If you enjoy listening to stories, please check out my audible book, and let me know what you think - you'll also see I have an extra book of audio content that enhances the book, and supports you to heal your life and soothe your soul.

You can purchase both here xx