The book is out to pre-order !!!!

Overwhelmed with excitement, I galloped around the room high-fiving the invisible team cheering me on. I've actually done it. Finally, it's finished. It sits in front of me, all 270 glorious pages of it. A finished book. And you know what? It’s really, really bl**dy good.

The book's been born, and it's packed full of amazing tonics and wisdom. It's uplifting, infused with positivity and powerful beyond measure. And I am absolutely thrilled. It's your book BFF that you’ll keep by your bedside. The tools you’ll refer to time and time again, each time you get lost, anxious, upset, stuck.

I am H A P P Y to say it’s now available for P R E - O R D E R with special gifts for you. You can order it now, and claim your free pack of goodies: a new meditation, a voucher off an online LifeTonic session, and brilliant positive affirmations I use every day.


Why pre-order?

You'll help support sales of the book, so it'll be picked up by more retailers, and help more people heal their modern woes. So by pre-ordering tonight, you are not only helping you, you’re helping many others to buy this book.

So I’d be so so so madly happy if you pre-ordered it today. You’d make my day, my month, my year.

Click here to buy + get your gift bundle

Lots of love to you ALL xxx