Call out your resistance to pleasure

This week, I’m inviting you to "call out" your resistance to pleasure!! What do I mean by that?

Owning up to the possibility that you might be afraid of experiencing pleasure in your life. Not only that, but actively avoiding it.

I know, it's a crazy idea. Why would we be scared of pleasure? Surely we all want life to be blissful, easy, full of joy and…pleasure?

Not so much. We're actually far more comfortable with pain and suffering, and life being "hard" and a "challenge" than we are with enjoying the pleasure that life can offer.

Last week my big realisation was exactly that:

I have a resistance to pleasure. I actively avoid it. Ok it's not intentional, I do it sub-consciously (without realising) but it basically means that I’m happier experiencing P A I N.

When an opportunity for pleasure comes up, I’ll swerve it and run the other way, heading straight into the pain, or I’ll create the pain! It’s something I’m much more comfortable with: I’ll work harder, I'll struggle, I’ll suffer and I’ll tell myself off. Over the years, it’s created intense hardship in my life. Things are much more challenging than they need to be.

And now? I’m owning my resistance. I’m honouring my weird and wonderful ways, as I grow every day and become more and more aware of how I’m holding myself back in life. I urge you to check in with yourself right now:

Are you resistant to pleasure?

Is life much harder, and more painful than it needs to be?

When did you last experience overwhelming pleasure, and excitement about life?


Is this you? If so, here's a way to address it fast:

  • Sit somewhere quiet.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Breathe into your body. Get more connected to yourself.
  • Say to yourself, "I honour my resistance to pleasure" and notice how you feel when you say it. Do you feel more aware of it? Does your body respond / react?
  • Repeat it slowly, saying it a few times over.


By owning your resistance, you’re inviting it to be here, and to be brought into your awareness (and not stay in the shadows where it has power over you). Your resistance to pleasure will be creating barriers to pleasure in all areas of your life. Own it now! Call it out! It’s time for your suffering to end!