The Power of Self-belief, Passion & Discovering your True Self – Your Dream Life Podcast with Kristina Karlsson


I was so honoured to be a guest at my friend’s Kristina’s podcast “Your Dream Life”.

Join Kristina and I as we chat all about …

  • How tapping into your inner child can help you get more in touch with your true self

  • The importance of writing down and visualising how you want your life to be

  • How finding what drives you, what lights you up, can help you live a more fulfilling life

  • How you can shift your energy, raise your vibration and embrace an ‘I can’ attitude in your everyday

– and so much more!


I share all about my story, and how growing up with a driven family background and pursuing a career as high-flying and very successful Advertising Business Director, I all of a sudden found myself burned out, stressed and stuck in my very own corporate ‘cage’. Barely existing in a job that just wasn’t allowing me to be my full self. Like many, I had absolutely no idea what to do about it – except judge myself and get more and more frustrated, until one day I decided enough was simply enough.

And with that, I packed my bags and ventured to the other side of the world in search of myself. I embarked on a plant medicine retreat in Peru, which was the turning point in my life. “I woke up”.

“My heart opened, my mind released its grip, and my soul spoke to me for the first time. I felt re-born, and like a baby walking for the first-time, I toddled back into my life.”

Finally, alive again and full of hope and excitement, I knew it was time to start something good in the world.

Self-belief, visualisation (script writing), meditation, an ‘I can’ attitude and a passion for helping people is what drives me each day to live my dream life, a life of purpose and intention. You’ll find this episode full of ways too you can start to work towards your own dream life today.


“One of the most powerful things I took from her story was how by really tapping into her heart and discovering what drives her, what lights her up, and making the decision to pursue that, Jody was able to leave her stressful career and create a life of purpose.” Kristina Karlsson


Jody Shield