Rising together

There’s a veeeeery common and sneaky ‘ol belief in our culture that tells us there’s only room for one person to be the best. There’s only one #1.

This usually creates fear and a yucky feeling that we actually have to “beat” others to the finish line of “success”. We see others as competition, or threats. If “they” get a customer, it surely means “we” lost a customer.

And yet—- we find this could not be further from the truth. Time and time again we’ve seen that the most powerful tool for success is cooperation.

That’s why we’re all about empowerment, raising and celebrating each other. Especially projects that support people lead better lives. Because we want to rise together. We want abundance, wellbeing, prosperity and joy for *everyone*.

And we know, beyond a doubt, this is possible.

Which is why when we find a brand/person/book/etc we love, well, we get a bit obsessed with it. We like to talk about it. A lot.

Cue Emily Crisps. Founded by a girlboss who has paved the way to allow us to choose something that’s delicious and better for us. This is a total lifesaver when we’re on the go and need to add some fruit and veg to our busy schedule.

One of the things we admire the most in business is creativity and boldness. Both of which are captured in Emily Crisps’ sweet potato sticks range (they have UH-mazing flavour combinations such as chilli & lime -MY FAVE-, salt & pepper and sea salt).

We want to thank Emily for having our backs (especially on the snack front), and for never compromising on quality.

We can snack calmly ‘cos we know Emily is lookin’ after us ;)

Emily Campaign.jpg

Q for you— Got a girlboss in your life? (of course you do!) Why not send some love her way? Grab your phone right now and tell her how she’s inspired you, what you’ve learnt from her or how much you care. *Voicenote, or written text optional.*

Girlboss vibes,

Jody xxx

Jody Shield