We all have our ‘off’ days

Days we feel disconnected from everything and everyone.

If you’re feeling emotional, sensitive, overwhelmed, fidgety (or all of the above) right now, I’m with you and you are not alone.

I feel like i’m stuck in a deep, dark hole which is slowly caving in, with me in it. It’s been a tough few days, very emotional, i’m sensitive to everything that’s happening around me, and I feel low, low, low.

People upset me left, right and centre, and I know i’m inviting the upset into my life, yet I feel battered and bruised from the outside world.

So what’s happening?

It’s not my hormones or PMT.

Nope, it’s much deeper. I’m in the process of releasing old emotion, probably from childhood. It feels deep and I feel vulnerable, just like a child. I need love, support and nourishment and most of all to look after myself. Which is sometimes tough when your business is thriving.

We store memories and old emotions from childhood deep inside of us. At some point, it has to come out, and when it does, it’s not always a breeze.

Things to bear in mind when in darkness

Know that you’re not alone. Tell your nearest and dearest how you feel and let them support you.

Everyone goes through this. So everyone can understand.

This is temporary, in a few days you’ll have moved through it and feel totally different about your life.

Tools to help you move through and out the other end

GOOD MORNING. Carve out 10 mins every morning to sit and meditate or do some affirmations (I accept myself, I believe in myself, I trust myself) and start the day in a good place.

Just BREATHE. Remember to breathe. We forget the power of breathing through things and taking deep breathes when we’re stressed or feeling emotional.

TAP TAP TAP. Use your whole hand to cover the ‘V’ bone just below the neck (where a man ties a bowtie) and gently tap over the V. Tapping will allow energy to circulate around your system and help you feel energised and uplifted.

SLEEP MORE. Put your phone away Get some early nights and allow yourself to sleep deeply.

NURTURE YOU. Ask yourself often: what do I need? and give you what you need.

Love you all, keep smiling :-)