….Will it be? How do I have an exciting and prosperous 2014? Well. It all starts with YOU. You have the power to make it brilliant. It will be exciting and prosperous if you want it to be. It’s your choice.

I choose to know this year will be incredible; lots of exciting things will happen and hundreds of opportunities will come my way. How do I know? I can feel it happening already. I can almost smell it! I’m opening up space to let us all in and I’m excited!

Plus, I’ve got some new ‘principles’ to keep me motivated and focused when I wobble and wander off track!

Some of these will resonate, some may not, but take inspiration and create your own:

  1. Setting clear intentions. (If you haven’t already, it’s well worth doing). What do you want to attract in? (I also decided what to leave behind in 2013).
  2. Make each day my masterpiece. Approach each day as an opportunity to do something brilliant. Lots of fresh-thinking.
  3. Ignite my own fire. Don’t wait until the time is ‘right’ to do something. Just do it! Go for it! Procrastination is old news. Go get ’em tiger!!
  4. Serve people. Think about how to solve their problems and how to best serve them.
  5. Be a leader in my field. Your clients look to you as a voice of authority in your field; an advisor, so become that role. Be the leader.
  6. Don’t people please. We waste too much time trying to make an impression. It’s time to start making a difference instead. This is how clients will remember you – when you add value to their lives.
  7. Less laptop, more F2F. We spend too much time hiding behind laptops and emails. In-person meetings are much more valuable. I’m putting Jody out there much more!
  8. More partnerships and collaborations. Often the best ideas come from the most unusual meeting of minds. Stay open to the universe and allow space for new people to come and join your party!
  9. Get excited! Great things are created out of excitement – it’s a highly creative state of emotion. Get the juices flowing!!
  10. Create time for me. Silence and solitude are where the magic happens. Meditation is the key to spiritual growth and self-development.

Let me know about your principles for 2014

Jody x