“You need to believe in yourself”

Is the message for today, and it smacked me straight between the eyes! Boy is it bang on. It bellowed out loud and clear from a card a client gave me. Brilliant. It’s exactly what I need to hear.

We just don’t believe in ourselves enough. We’re not taught how – it isn’t in the school curriculum, and our parents don’t teach us (or most of them don’t).

You have to D.I.Y. It’s no-one else’s job.

Tell yourself how bloody amazing you are, every day! In the mirror (which is weird, but it totally works). And of course, at first it’s hard to hear, your ego has a field day! And I’m not used to receiving praise, so it’s awkward for me to hear. But this is like gold, it really works, and if you persist, it shifts you like no other.

Give it a go. Learn how to give yourself praise, tell yourself you believe in yourself – even when you’re not sure you do. Especially when you don’t fully understand the value you give to the world. Especially when the thought of doing this feels so uncomfortable, there’s no way you’d ever do it!!! This is exactly why you should do it! And you don’t need to tell anyone! It can be your little secret.

Basically, it’s on you to find that belief in yourself. Stop seeking it from other people, because when you rely on it from them, you might not get it. Then you feel rejected (which doesn’t feel good!).

You’re bloody amazing, start believing it!

Love and new year light