How to communicate better in relationships

Picture this: your friend's on a downer. All she does is moan about not finding love, how she's always rejected, and how abandoned she feels. It brings you down, and she's bringing herself (her vibes) down too. You're sick of listening, and you dread meeting up. It's always the same, old stuff. What you long to say is, unless she reframes the way she talks about relationships and finding love, things will not change. By moaning, she's actually repelling love away. Of course she doesn't realise, and as she's highly sensitive, and very defensive, you're wary of giving her advice.

So you keep quiet. But you've been keeping quiet for months now. And it's really affecting your friendship.

What do you do?

You learn how to communicate in way that feels loving, and gentle. And gets your needs met. Then everything in life feels easier and lighter.

We spend so much of our time holding things back, not opening up and saying how we really feel, and not wanting to confront, or face things that make us feel uncomfortable. It's scary to say what we feel, and even scarier to be vulnerable while saying it.

And yet...if we don't express our views and opinions, if we don't say how we really feel, we slowly lose our "voice" and our power. We retreat into our shell, and feel resentful, angry and frustrated at ourselves (more than others) which hurts more in the long-term.

No doubt about it, opening up takes courage and confidence. This week's LifeTonic TV gives you tips to help you communicate. I hope you enjoy x