How many times have you dosed up and powered-on-through when you’re obviously ill and should be resting?

All the signs are there; swollen glands, phlegmy throat, shivery, blocked sinuses and permanently throbbing head. Yep, you are definitely sick….and it’s coming on hard and fast. You know that unless you give in, grab a hot water bottle and head for bed it’s going to get a hell-of-a-lot worse. But somehow you resort to swallowing some pills and convince yourself to crack on.

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks in-and-out of this state.

But these days, I’m a little better at listening to my body. I know when it needs rest, and I give-in and sprint to bed, pulling the layers of duvet over me (I love my bed, so any excuse to get back in and I’m there).

And what I witnessed (more clearly because I’m so much more aware of my thoughts) was when I began to relax, some interesting internal chatter emerged:

“….but i’ve got so much on, I can’t possibly rest. I need to be up, making s**t happen. I can’t stay in bed, there’s too much to do, need to reply to that email, she’s waiting on that copy, eeeekkk how am I going to sell tickets to this event if I’m not active, I can’t miss this event there’s too much at stake….I can’t let them down, I’ll just rest this morning and then i’ll get up and go!”

Essentially I was telling myself was I couldn’t ‘afford’ to take time off (funny how so much of our everyday language is rooted in the financial world!)

And on it went, around in circles trying to convince myself I was ‘missing’ or ‘losing’ out by staying in bed and resting.

I soon realised there was nothing I could do but let go and surrender. I just had to give in, there was no other way. And actually my responsibility was towards my clients and making sure I was offering them 100% of me and my energy. Not 65% of me feeling weak and powerless.

When I realised this, something shifted and I gave-in completely, cancelled all my appointments and focused on supporting myself to fully heal.

And what happened?

When I finally emerged from my cave, feeling fresh and renewed, what I noticed was:

– no-one had left

– nothing had been lost

– tickets sales increased

– demand for my work increased


– I had more support than ever

So in fact by fully listening to my body, and taking time out to rest, the demand for my work had actually increased.

The more energy you have, the more energy you can give out, and the more you rest, the higher the quality of the energy you give out, so the higher the return you’ll receive back (in cash, fees, payment).

It’s pretty simple, but something we need reminding off as we often forget.

Interested in knowing more? Come to my workshop below:


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Where – Second Home space (off Brick Lane)

When – 14th November 2pm – 6pm

This 4 hour workshop will be full of deep healing, specifically focused on your issues and topics with money (however weird and wonderful they are!)

We’ll have fun exploring how you feel about money, how you behave around money and what you believe about money (as we all know, it doesn’t grow on trees!) why all this matters and how it affects your ability to create it.

We’ll also understand how you value yourself (or not), what your self worth is and why this matters.

So let’s HEAL your financial woes, and move towards wealth, abundance and success.

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