How to enjoy life more

Ok so I get it now. I'm supposed to E N J O Y life haha. Life is meant to be E A S Y and S I M P L E and I can feel supported? Like fully and completely supported? Life can be effortless, and everything can happen as it's meant to, without interference from me! W O W! How have I missed this most obvious learning?! I've been supported yes, but I've also believed I have to work really, really hard for success and expansion. And now the new realisation of total surrender and really practicing it, is finally integrating into my mind, body and soul. And I am L O V I N G this. This feels good. And it's good timing too! Is anyone struggling with control right now? Trying to cling onto things, push and force? And draining your energy in the process?


Here's 3 tools to help you enjoy life more:

  1. SURRENDER. Yup you've heard this before. Say to yourself, "I surrender" and repeat it a few times. Until you let go and move more into the flow of life.
  2. SPACE. Create space to relax, space to meditate. Time for you to recharge. Put in your diary (if it ain't in the plan, it ain't real)
  3. SOUL. Invite your wisest self into your life. Address your soul when you wake up. Dear Soul, thank you for being with me today, thanks for having fun with me today! Be open to all possibilities :-)

Life is for living, and for pleasure, and for FUN. So go have some......x