How to find the fun in work (again)

Since when did 'work' become so god-damn serious?!

A place where ‘fun’ isn’t allowed, where you have to be super-mature and grown-up to partake?

And you have to adhere to loads of rules, especially unwritten ones like; staying at work until 8pm, or until you're the last one standing (so you look good to your boss).

Work’s seemingly become something you sell your soul to…committing every second of your week-day, sometimes evening plans and often social life (during the week). Work becomes your priority, your relationship, your world.

Ok…maybe a little extreme, but it certainly feels this way.

Except we’re all so used to doing this, we don’t even question it. We just believe this is how ‘work’ is, and this is what ‘work’ demands from me.

Especially (I’ve found) if it's your own company. It’s very easy to become ‘married’ to the job. Telling yourself, I just have to give this all I have for the next 2 years, and then I can take my finger off the pulse a little and relax. But does this day ever come? I don't know, I haven’t reached it yet, but if I look around at all my entrepreneur friends, I do know this - you keep finding new things to venture into, new locations to open, new ways to expand. This doesn’t mean less work, it means more.

The worse thing about all this is, when work takes over, you suppress your inner child - the aspect of you which is a child. This does actually exist, it’s a very real part of you who needs nourishing just like the rest of you. Except it’s the part of us we easily disconnect from, when we grow up into teenagers we’re trying our best to fit into the cool crowd and be mature so we lose our child, and all the play and silliness she wants to bring out. We lose our lust for life, and the excitement about all the new opportunities coming our way.

It’s so easy to get bogged down by work, become drained super-fast, and stressed out by ALL that’s going on. Soon the anxiety is kicking-in as a real problem, and you just can’t cope….

So, me and my team are making a pact this month, to re-inject the FUN into work. We’ll be accountable to each other to tune into the fun and excitement about work again, and all the jobs we’re doing. We’ll catch ourselves in the act, whenever we moan about being tired, or how much admin we have to do (!), and we’re willing to reframe our menial jobs into something we’re actively grateful for.

We know that doing this immediately transforms the energy around the things that are often draining or boring or seem like they have little reward.

Here are our top tips for injecting the fun back into your work (take what works for you, leave what doesn’t):

  1. Colour-in on your break. Rather than ploughing-on through your lunch break, buy an adult colouring book, some felt-tip pens and get to it! Give your brain a break and reset your energy
  2. Check in with your child. Nope, not your actual child (if you have one) but what does your inner child want? As in the aspect of you who is a child. This does actually exist so start believing it! Ask her/him what they want to do at lunchtime? Or today? Listen for the answer (no matter how ridiculous or not ridiculous at all) and do it. Start to build a connection with this part of you again. Before you know it, you’ll feel a new richness and depth to your life.
  3. Get more curious. Imagine you’re a child again, learning about things for the first time. Look through the world more from a child’s eyes and get curious about the world, rather than just taking everything for granted.
  4. Socialise more. It’s so easy to get sucked into ‘do-ing’ and before you know it, a whole day has passed and you haven’t spoken to anyone. As humans, we grow through connection and conversation with other peeps so take time to chat to people, share ideas, jokes, stuff you’re struggling with. 
  5. Rebounding. Is an exercise class with a difference - it’s done on a mini trampoline. If this doesn’t make your inner child come out, I don’t know what will. Check out they do a brilliant class


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