I look over my desk in wonderment at the eclectic display of healing potions, colour essences and chakra mists. All intended to stimulate the mind, body, spirit. I realise I’m still a junkie, looking for a high (just now in a natural way!) and I need my fix; my mid-morning boost, just like we all do.

We all get high

Ultimately we all want to escape, to check-out of our daily grind. Who can blame us? London life is tough as boots and hard as nails. We’re chained to the desk, sobbing as the to-do list grows longer and flows out into the cosmos. We keep saying YES to more work, and slipping further and deeper into that big, dark hole of despair. Oh dear!

All we can do, is count down the minutes until we’re free and can slope off down to the pub and get sh*it-faced.

We love being high

Admit it. You love the buzz of the fix. Whether it’s illegal or not isn’t the point. We just love being high.

We love adrenalin pumping through our bodies, feeling like we can take on the world, and everyone in it.

We’re addicted to busy and secretly thrive off our to-do lists. We love having back-to-back meetings and telling everyone just how busy we are. It makes us feel more worthy and like we have a bigger, more meaningful role in the world.

Coffee is my mate

We get hooked on our highs and the body knows when to expect them, so we crave our fix. Mine is good quality coffee and i’ve been trying to give it up. I love it though, and it’s not just the caffeine kick. It’s the rich taste, the glorious smell, the hipster cafe and the tasty treats on the counter – it’s the whole shebang. Giving it up is tough-as – we’re spoiled in London, everywhere you look, good coffee on tap.

It’s ok to get high!

Let’s admit here and now, we’re all looking for the next high, and craving our next fix. That might be an afternoon cuppa, hitting the dance-floor or a glass of vino with dinner. A way to quietly escape, get that buzz and feel great about life again. It’s ok to want to get high!

And there are natural ways…

As an explorer in natural highs, i’ve found many alternatives. Which is good to know, as sometimes that thing we use to get high, makes us feel even edgier a few hours afterwards. Yes coffee, i’m talking about you….even though you’re dark, rich and delicious gahhhhh.

Just for you, here’s my current top 6 (tried + tested) natural highs:

1) Aura Soma (pomander – colour essence) – I recommend the gold, pink or yellow colours, but go for the one you’re drawn to. Pour some into your hands and sweep over your head in circles (yes you’ll look strange, and you’ll get funny looks, but peeps are just curious! I’ve sold so many bottles of this)

2) Aura Soma (quintessences) – each one is for something different so go for whatever you need healing in

3) Caudalie beauty elixir (Space NK) – spritz it in your face whenever you need a boost

4) Gen Maicha (roasted rice) green tea – a nice alternative to coffee

5) Sweat class – check out my all-time fave fitness brand – Frame (Shoreditch and Queenspark)

6) Rich, dark gooey chocolate – Booja Booja is my fix (Waitrose)

Enjoy! And make sure you buy some aura soma – I guarantee you’ll love it!