You crash through the front door, rush upstairs and slam your bedroom door. You hate the world and all it stands for.

Except boys, you’re curious about them but you’re too shy to talk, and they don’t know you exist. You blush and run away if they so much as glance over.

You’re 13, lost and misunderstood. You storm about the place, and hate your parents. You feel angry, in pain and unable to communicate why. And that’s the frustrating bit, you don’t know why you’re so pissed off.

Fast forward to current day and you’re all grown up, yet there’s a forgotten teenager deep inside you who feels unheard, unseen and completely disconnected.

This part of us needs a voice, and a way of expressing old pain and resentment from her teenage years.

She might be hidden away, out-of-sight (and out-of-mind) deep in your subconscious, yet she needs to be recognised, accepted, welcomed into the light and into your arms without being judged or rejected.

It’s important to do this, to open up and heal this very special and tender part of you. To release old memories and emotional blockages from your teenage years. You’ll feel more whole and happy in your skin.

Here are 3 tools to work with your teenager:

1) GIVE HER A VOICE: Let her speak through you and write through you. Write a letter from your teenager to you and allow her to tell you what she wants you to know. Don’t judge her!

2) GIVE HER WHAT SHE NEEDS: Ask her what she wants to do and give it to her. She might want to sit in a park during lunch, so go and do it. She might want to scream into a pillow and let her anger out, so let her do it.

3) CULTIVATE THAT CONNECTION: Commit to her and check in with her every day. Do this until you feel that she feels like she matters to you. What’s important is that she doesn’t feel left behind again. Allow her to be present with you during the day and check-in every so often with how she’s doing. Don’t overthink this, just allow it to happen.

Good luck and keep going – it’s a practice so commit to it!