How to receive more universal support

On Wednesday morning, post Xtend Barr class, I was feeling pretty pumped to say the least! Like Tigger, I bounced into Selfridges food-hall, and right up to the counter in Eat to order my new fave hot drink, a matcha latte (yes, I'm happy to say they do those there). I spied an interesting lady who asked about my curious new fluorescent green beverage, and we began to chat. Turns out we shared similar career stories, and she now works for a super high-end, luxury company who are possibly interested in working with someone like me. I stepped back from myself, and observed the situ. I was being open-hearted, non-expectant and super curious about her story. Oh and a little like an excitable puppy, which is my natural state. I was giddy on life, and I didn't care what anyone thought. And I was telling her my story without the slightest whiff of my ego telling me, "you're bragging again, no-one cares!"

We had a lovely chat, are now in touch, and I know we met for a 'reason'. Even if nothing comes of it (and I'm totally fine if it doesn't) we had such a nice exchange, and I felt really buzzy afterwards. I bounced home feeling grateful we'd met.

This is just one recent example of how the universe brings just the ‘right’ people into my path. And the more this happens, the more I realise how perfectly designed my life is. It's full of divine intervention. There's magic at work all around us....poof!

And the more I believe and acknowledge it happening, the more it happens. Just. like. that. The lil fairies of the universe are at work once more.

There are a few ways you can prime yourself for universal support, and meeting the ‘right’ people at the ‘right’ time. See what resonates with you:

  • Let yourself SHINE. When you let more of ‘you’ out into the world, and give yourself complete permission to be you without holding back, you naturally radiate light, love and excitement into other people’s lives, and you draw people, and the universe in so much more.
  • Get super curious about other people and their stories. We get so wrapped up in our own world's of work-play-work, that we forget about meeting new people, and hearing their stories. Set an intention to meet new people, just be friendly and see what happens. Do be aware of personal space though, if they slowly back away, you know they don’t want to engage ;-)
  • Don’t run away, run in. It’s so tempting to run away and hide, when you’re around a new group of peeps. I know this because I do it. What I’ve found is, if you actually open your heart and walk towards the group, you will encounter some lovely conversations, and really grow from the experience. It is only ever your fears holding you back. Walk forward and hold your head high.

Good luck for your 'lil universal fairy dust xxx