I’m as high as a kite right now, I’m literally flying, and I’m gurning as if I’ve been out all night, and it’s the next day. And no, I’m not on drugs (although it does feel like it). Ok, ok, I’m slightly exaggerating – I’m not actually gurning, but I do feel wired. I’ve been working today at my SoulTonic Session (more info here). I told myself I’d never work weekends, yet here I am working Sundays. Tbh I couldn’t be happier. Today was a special session (in fact they always are, I’m very lucky).

Yet now I’m hyperactive, my body thinks I’ve been raving all night and I show no signs of calming down!

As funny as it is to feel like this after a session, give me an hour and my plug’s been taken out. I’m completely drained and I can’t speak. I have to cancel plans I’ve made, grab some food then go home and rest. Which is exactly where I am right now, in bed recharging (with a hot water bottle, like a granny).

A recent lesson I’ve learnt is, unless I can prove to myself (and the universe!) that I can properly look after myself and recharge my energy, my business won’t grow. Why? Because my business is an expression of me (and my energy). If I’m drained and not looking after my needs first, my business stays at a certain level. It sounds simple, yet it’s tricky for us to understand.


We’re all workaholics!! Yes, I believe we are, or we have workaholic ‘tendencies’. I know it’s a pretty negative word but let’s be real for a second.

We love feeling like we’re on a high-speed train racing a million miles an hour. We love the buzz, the adrenaline, the hyperactivity. We’re addicted to it. And it takes over our lives…

We love ‘chasing the dream’

I know I do, and I work hard chasing it. Yet if I ask myself what I’m doing, I don’t even know what the ‘dream’ is, or why i’m chasing it. So why do I flog my guts out Monday and Tuesday? With my head down, racing through stuff? By Tuesday night I’m f**cked. This has to stop, I don’t want to live my life like this AND I want to grow my business, that’s important!

Something has to shift! And then, I remember something important.

We set the pace

It’s worth remembering this – we’re the ones running our lives, being wide open to all these juicy things, we’re the ones saying a big, fat YES! to it all, so it’s on us to make the decision to slow down.

And sometimes that means saying NO to friend’s parties, or #matedates – often at the last minute, because you don’t know how you’re going to feel, until you’re feeling it. Obviously this sucks and you feel guilty about it, but the more you listen to yourself and do what feels right for you, the more your life will flow, and the more energy you’ll have for yourself and your growth.

Love yourself, love each other,

Jody x

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