Episode #1 of my new show {Jody Shield LIVE} is OUT.

WOOHOO. It’s official!

The very first episode of my *new* Facebook show- Jody Shield LIVE- is OUT.

Every Wed at 1:15 I’ll be sharing powerful teachings, behind-the-scenes stories, and techniques to help you be fiercely confident and more successful in your life.     

This first episode was all about my go-to for instant confidence.

'cause if you're anything like me, you're often in periods of self-doubt, fear and insecurity - everything feels overwhelming and it's hard to move forward with anything (urgh).

So in this episode, I wanted to share my GO-TO technique for instant confidence and clarity... and why they're crucial for me in my life and my business.

I talked about: 

  • My story: When I was away in LA last year, I lost my confidence and felt overwhelmed by fear and control. 
  • How I turned it around (woohoo!)
  • How being in our YES is a total game-changer 


To watch the episode click below. And make sure you “like” my FB page, so you won’t miss any of the good stuff. 


Also, if you haven’t yet claimed your *free* COSMIC CONFIDENCE package do it here. This kickass kit includes my best top 3 tools for instant confidence, an audio guide (it’s epic, I am so proud of it) and a brand new meditation to help you feel incredible every morning!


Don't forget to tune in next Wednesday to get inspired, reboot your mindset and transform your thinking. x

Jody Shield