How to let go

Season transition is eminent.

And as we bid farewell to one of the hottest summers ever, whether you realise it or not, your whole being is getting ready for autumn. Right now, chances are you might be sneezing, blowing your nose or coughing (or all of the above).

Why? Cos it’s letting go time, baby.

Nature’s doin it all ‘round you, and it’s nudging you to do the same.

And hey, letting go can be hard. Boy, do we know it.

Actually, we see it as an art.

It requires trust. Taking a brave and bold step forward into a new place.

Making an inventory of everything we’ve been carrying with us (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually) and verifying whether it’s still useful to us or not. Then making a ruthless choice to either to keep it or release what’s no longer helping us and is actually weighing us down (heavy past relationship grudges, I’m looking at you).

This can be especially tricky since human beings are collectors: we collect memories, emotions experiences… so it does require a bit of training and getting used to. But like a muscle, it will get toned, sexy and super strong with some practice.

And the benefits are mind-blowing amazing. When you let go, your whole being shines, feels clearer, lighter, more aligned, inspired and gets in flow.

Listen. You don’t have to go full on Marie Kondo and throw away half of your emotional wardrobe if you don’t want to.

But just know that aaaaaaany time you decide, you can choose to let go and open a new world of possibilities because you actually made space for them.

If you need a bit of guidance, here are my top 3 tips for letting go:

  1. Let go in the moment. If someone says a comment that feels yucky. Choose to let it go right there and then. Don’t try to “punish” them by holding on to the experience. Either recognise it’s your stuff that’s being triggered (and it actually has nothing to do with them) or have a generous, heart-felt talk with them and let them know how their words or actions made you feel.

  2. Repeat the mantra “I let go” (either out loud on just on your mind).

  3. Repeat the mantra “I choose to forgive”. This one’s great for those moments where you sense that you want to hold on to something in you (e.g. guilt, shame) or in someone else (e.g. resentment, anger)

You’ve got this.

Happy letting go (*Frozen song optional*).

Jody Shield