let's talk about (sacred) sex

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This time last week, I got back from Athens where I attended a workshop with my mentor Damien Wynne. If you’ve been to Athens already, you might have visited the Acropolis or one of the many ancient sites. It is a very magical city and it honestly blew my mind 🤯

The workshop unfolded on it’s own (as if often the case) and the main theme was sacred love & sexuality….however for me, as well as tuning more into my sexuality, it was about waking up my GOD / GODDESS state or qualities. Ancient Greek god / goddess qualities to be more precise.  

What does all this even mean? I hear you ask, and actually I’m going to open up much more than I usually would, and share my experience.

Do you know about archetypes? 

They are as defined by Carl Jung: “models of people, behaviours or personalities” and they are (supposed to be) present in the collective unconscious. I believe they are present, in fact I also believe we activate them via our dormant genetics, but that’s for another blog post. 

If we think about the archetypes of the Ancient Greek Gods for a moment, and let’s take the God Zeus as an example. Have a guess about what kinds of qualities he might possess? Strength, courage, bravery, passion, confidence, super human etc. 

And what about Athena? Fighter, loyal, courageous, victorious, powerful, guardian of Athens

And Aphrodite? Beautiful, seductive, sexual, desire, strong etc. 

They all have qualities which we also possess, except we’re usually too afraid to bring them out into the world. Or we don’t know how, or we haven’t been taught. 

What if you could embody an Ancient Greek god? 


How would you show up in your life? 

How would you LIVE your life?

What would you go ahead and do (that you are usually afraid of doing)? 

What if you could tap into those God-like qualities any time you wanted?

I’m starting to believe we can! I’ve been throwing down intentions left, right and centre to activate my ancient God archetypes at various times of the day 😂upgrading my travel tickets (yep it totally works - got a nice business class upgrade last week), getting tables at busy restaurants, hitting my boxing class at 7am etc. And it’s working!! I feel more powerful than ever.     

Long live the Gods ⭐️

Here are THREE things I took from the workshop: 

1. SEXUAL HEALING: It time to talk honestly about sex, intimacy and making love - why are we still embarrassed to talk about sex? Why do we feel uncomfortable to share if we’re feeling unsatisfied and want more from a love-life? 

(I’m blessed because my partner is open to everything, but I still felt awkward standing up and sharing my fears that if I opened up even more, would he be able to meet me on the same level?) more sex talk please!!!  


2. ORGASMIC MEDITATION: Anyone? It does exist, believe me. And even saying those two words in the same sentence turns me on. And when I say “turns me on” I mean I’m excited about life. Anyway, I’m keen to try this, it seems to be seeping out of the underground and into the bright lights of London - who has tried it? PM me and let’s talk    

AND most importantly….

3. UNADULTERATED WEALTH: The Gods knew abundance and unapologetically asked for more, they had freedom, fun and a great time haha. It’s time for us to do the same. It’s time to respect money, love money and invite money in.  


Stay tuned for more *new* musings about money and wealth 💰coming very soon.  

Love Jody xx

P.S Here’s Damien’s details in case this workshop resonates with you:  https://www.damien-wynne.de/events

P.P.S. I’m now embodying Zeus, Aphrodite, Poseidon and Athena! So watch out London haha 😂 😂😂

Jody Shield