Let others lift you up!

Last week I had a big realisation. I've been on this healing journey for the past six years or so. I've done lots of work on myself, I have a solid, non-negotiable morning practice, I meditate, I pray, I say affirmations, I have body-work (massages, Osteopathy, acupuncture) and regular healing sessions with my mentors (got to keep myself healthy and strong for you guys!)

And yet I felt blocked, and a bit stuck. I could feel my platform growing and expanding fast, and I could definitely feel that I was dragging my heels, and putting the brakes on (and probably freaking out a little)

After some digging around, an amazing ambassador camp with Lululemon, some humongous releases (which weren't pretty) and powerful healing, I discovered some things. I identified some powerful limiting belief systems that were dominating my view of myself, and the world. These beliefs were engrained deep inside me, and also in my family line - I could see the same beliefs in my grandparents. They were:


> I have to do this work all alone > If I ask for support I'm failing > It's weak to receive support 


Beauties aren't they?? Jokes aside, I was finding it really hard to ask for AND receive support from others. I could feel so much support hanging around me, waiting to come in, and I just couldn't receive it, let alone accept it with grace.

A big thing I realised was how much we need support. We can't do this all alone. If we're wanting to grow and expand (yes please) we have to be able to receive support from others. Otherwise it's likely we'll stay stuck, stagnant and at the same level.

We need to co-create with others, and allow them to lift us up in life.

My vision is to be a beacon of light and healing for others, and to do this, I need support to allow me to keep growing. I knew I needed to release the energy and baggage behind those beliefs.

And now? That realisation that I was blocking support has allowed a big healing to take place in me. I'm moving onwards, and upwards and it's been (as always) a rollercoaster of joy (with lots of tears).

I am dedicated to helping you shift your limiting beliefs about yourself and the world. It's why I run regular healing sessions, to help you clear out the baggage from the past which creates your limiting beliefs.