It’s nearly valentines day and it’s all about lurrrrve (and overspending on roses and overpriced set menus) so while the language of love is in the air, I wanted to give you a new tool (and teachings) for understanding love and relationships. One I found out about a while back, and one which totally changed my relationships and my life.

When you absorb and understand these teachings, I bet you’ll have an ‘ah-ha’ moment like you do when you read a profound text (like conversations with god…if you haven’t read this, highly recommended!) and feel like you’ve discovered this amazing secret that will change your life…forever! Well, it definitely did for me – in my relationships certainly. Suddenly I understood my partner and every other relationship i’d had. I knew why i’d sometimes felt rejected, unloved not seen or heard.

It all made sense. Thanks to a relationship coach called Gary Chapman.

What I learnt was that different people with different personalities express love in different ways. So without realising, we all have our own way of expressing love.

Put yourself in a relationship situation and you’re both expressing ‘I Love you’ in your own way – the way that you understand and comes naturally, yet you’re both speaking in different languages. If you don’t realise this, you’ll feel misunderstood and you won’t feel like you’re receiving the love you understand.


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Gary identified 5 love languages:

1) Words of affirmation. Positive and affirming words that naturally flow. ‘I love you’, ‘You look beautiful tonight’, ‘I’m so grateful for you in my life’, ‘I appreciate all you do’ haha dreaming right? But honestly some people naturally use affirming words as their love language

2) Giving gifts. Gifts with meaning, spending time thinking about the perfect gift to give your partner that expresses: ‘I was thinking about you’, ‘I love you’, ‘I wanted you to have this’. Do you love picking out the perfect gift for your partner?

3) Acts of service. Serving people unconditionally (the key is unconditionally…not expecting something back in return!). Things like doing the housework or shopping for someone. Does this resonate?

4) Quality time. Do you like togetherness, spending time and undivided attention with another person? Is this your love language?

5) Physical touch. Do you express love through physical affection and touch? Is this your love language?

What is your love language?

How do you express your love?

What do you wish your parter did more of? Is a good question to ask yourself in figuring your love language out

I want you to spend time working out which love language resonates most with you. You might have more than one, but you will have a primary love language – the one you speak the most.

Watch out for next week’s video about identifying your partner’s love language and improving your relationship.

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