Money Talks: Part 2 - She's Electric

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Although series ONE of She's Electric is officially over...

I’ve decided to run a mini podcast series: "She's Electric: Money Talks" 

AND open up discussions about something we ALL want more of, yet are afraid to talk about… MONEY!!!!

As you might already know, our current relationship with money is informed by past experiences from childhood.

And so today, you'll join a very personal and intimate money conversation with my AMAZING mum!

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I’m a self-improvement author, accredited success coach, motivational speaker, and host of “She’s Electric” podcast. I’m also a wellness influencer working with authentic brands who align with my values.

My mission is to provide simple, relatable, accessible and REAL spiritual self-help tools and techniques to EVERYONE no matter what your beliefs.

I’ve been teaching at events and experiences since 2013, and am trained in disciplines including: EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping), Advanced Life-Coaching, LightGrids(TM) and Meditation with Damien Wynne, transformational speaking by Gail Larson, Reiki (as a Master) and Theta healing.

My 5 years as a wellness entrepreneur running programmes, online courses and products, plus my previous work as a Business Director informs my mentoring and coaching skills, and enables me to teach business management to new wellbeing entrepreneurs.

Jody Shield