My one simple tool for calming nerves

Bodies come in so many shapes, sizes, colours and types. When we're born, we love ourselves entirely. Every podge and dimple of our baby body. We love our feet and toes, and our chubby bellies and bums.

And then life happens....

A girl in the playground says we're fat. Mum says we're going through a body "phase" and our big brother teases us. Names get called, clothes don't fit, and we feel pretty darn uncomfortable.

At some point (because of the tension) we decide to escape from our bodies, and we leave our inner "home". We literally jump out. We don't want to be present. We become lost, wobbly and disconnected from ourselves, and our lives. And it's easy to keep escaping, so much distraction all around us. Can you relate?

What if rather than reaching for Instagram or a glass of wine, we hung around and simply felt our feelings?


Try it now:

1. Take a nice deep breath into your body

2. Move your awareness to your tummy and put your hand there

3. What do you feel? 

4. Notice your feelings and allow them to be experienced in this moment   5. Breathe in, relax and be grateful to your body <3


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