Rave reviews for LifeTonic

I wanted to let you in on a little secret. I am a little overwhelmed right now. I've just had a "moment" of realisation that my BOOK is actually out (OMG). Not only that, I've been getting the most beautiful messages from people saying it's changing their life. This is incredible, and it's also mind-blowing. I'm taking in each moment, each comment, each lovely word, slowly, mindfully and carefully. I don't want to miss a thing!

Thank you so much for buying LifeTonic. Right now, I'm feeling so proud of myself for writing an insightful, helpful and seemingly powerful book, accessible to ALL. And that was always my intention, to be readable by everyone.

Here are a few things people are saying:

I’m currently reading your book now. I’ve never wanted to keep reading a book so much before. @fightingfitskip

"I wish I would have said this to myself 15 years ago but at least I am now. Thank you @JodyShield for your inspirational book. @Michelle

Only a few pages in but my gosh there is some wise, comforting healing stuff in there already. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. @AlloDarlin


Grab your copy HERE and see the book trailer