Draining your fifth cappuccino of the day, you feel the caffeine pump through your system and kick-in like a fuel injection. Your stomach churns as you look down at your over-flowing to-do list of doom.

You are spent.

You have no more to give. You’re running on empty, fuelled by adrenalin and everyone’s screaming for a piece of you. You’re multi-tasking to the max, and have so many spinning plates, your mind resembles a circus. You’re out of control (but you might not admit it), totally overwhelmed and your body threatens to meltdown at any second.

Yet a little part of you is secretly thriving off all of this (so it’s all good right?!)

What’s your next move?

You’ve got two options:

1) Crack on regardless, with your head down and keep saying ‘yes’ to things? (hoping you’ll get a break)

2) Whoa there. Hang on a second…let’s take a little time-out to recharge

This is why option 2) is a better move:

When you’re running on empty, the quality of your energy (and therefore the value or service) you give out to the world is low. When your output quality is low, the return or value you receive will be low too.

Make sense? Even if it doesn’t, remain open to the possibility of the above, because it will help you understand a few things about yourself (especially if you often find yourself in debt).

Your energy levels matter

They matter a great deal. When you nourish yourself, take time to restore, rest and have early nights, your energy levels remain high and so the quality of energy you put out will be higher, and therefore you’ll receive a higher return.

When I say return, it could be financial, a sudden abundance of something, an unexpected complimentary meal or drink etc.

But, I don’t have time to stop!

I know what you’re thinking, I don’t have time to stop. Maybe that’s true, yet the only person who decides that is YOU.

Whatever you believe and tell yourself, you do have the power to stop.

Your boss would much rather you pause and take time to figure out your next move, rather than cracking on blindly and exhausted and stabbing around in the dark.

If you work for yourself, there’s no excuse!

Take some of this advice, I’m talking from oodles of experience.

You need to rest, and often. Otherwise, you’ll run yourself into the ground, have a burn out and be forced to take time out. Or get totally frustrated with yourself because you’re not progressing the juicy things that align nicely with where you want to go.

Rant over. Do yourself a favour and rest often. Nourish your body, mind and soul.

Love and peace as always

Jody x