The secret to doing less and trusting more

The past few weeks, I’ve been really busy. And because I’m a natural do-er (being an activator is in my DNA), I’ve been taking charge, pushing myself hard, getting things done, and cracking on! Until I started listening to my body say: "enough" I'm done! Stop pushing! I'm not designed to work 10 hour days. Rest.

And I remembered I always have two options:

  1. TRUST that things will happen, with minimal effort from me (….breathe!)
  2. MAKE things happen myself, with maximum effort from me (phew!)

You already know which uses more energy: No.2

Yet what’s the hardest to do? No.1 - Am I right?

Even when you're aware of the options (like me) it doesn't make it any easier. I still struggle between "being" and “doing”, and often find myself stuck in the middle of an inner battle between letting go (allowing things to happen), and pushing myself (and things) onwards.

What I’ve learned is: when in doubt, SURRENDER, and allow things to unfold naturally.

Imagine a flower you've been nurturing coming into bloom. You can't open it, you have to let it blossom in it's own time. The same rules apply to life. You can create the most favourable circumstances for things to happen, but ultimately you don’t have complete control of the outcome. And when you push too hard, you get sick. Literally. You end up feeling exhausted, burnt-out, frustrated and depressed. So you can’t do anything anyway!

So my big question these past two weeks has been: how do I know when to let go, and when to keep holding on? And it's not an easy answer.

The answer is: you don't! we're all different and every situation is unique. However, I can’t help feeling a bit of both is needed: to act and take the steps that are within reach to make XX happen, and then surrender and trust the outcome.

If you are in a similar position, try this:

Get yourself out of the way and not let your limitations, your fears, and your sabotage take over. Clear the space for magic to happen. Have some clear goals and intentions-- then let them go, trusting that if they are right for you they will happen.

Ask yourself: what’s driving my need for speed? What’s fuelling my fire right now? Is it my fear of failing? Or running out of money? Get connected to your WHY you’re doing something, tap into those deep beliefs you hold about life, and progress from that place instead.

Meditate. Retreat inwards. Wait it out. Take baby-steps. Stop worrying. Know that you are enough, and you’re “doing” enough!


Questions to you now:

  • What can you let go of that you’ve been pushing too hard?
  • How can you let go of more in your life?


Love you, Jody xxx