Preview my new podcast series: SHE'S ELECTRIC

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I believe in the power of women supporting women. And I know how much we rise by lifting one another. 

I’ve experienced the magic that’s created when we open up, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and authentic with each other. 

Common misconceptions claim real success is equivalent to being the #1. Doing it alone. Being competitive (especially with other women). Not asking for support --- unless you want to be seen as weak and incompetent, that is. 

But I’m done. I’m done with the outdated ideas of women in business (and in life). 

I’m ready for collaboration. Community. Sisterhood. 

Cue my new podcast series: She’s Electric.

She’s Electric is about women celebrating women. It’s a conversation with switched on women that are living their passion, and lighting up the world around them. 

She’s Electric takes a look at the lives of trailblazing female leaders. Everything from career milestones to the worst problems they’ve faced in their road for success. It’s a inside peek at what it’s really like to be a powerful women in today’s world. 

My first guest is a powerhouse. An award-winning cookery author and entrepreneur, and a champion of eating well.

Can you guess who she is?!

Check out the trailer to find out and make sure you subscribe to be the first one to receive my fresh new episodes coming your way very soon.  

So have a listen. Get inspired. And be electric.

Jody Shield