3 tools to stop anxiety ruling your life

I wake up at 6am in a cold sweat, full of dread, and that sickly feeling in the pit of my stomach. I hate my job, my boss is a drug addict / alcoholic, and I can’t bear to be in same toxic energy anymore. Yet I’m not ready to jump ship... What would I do? Where else would I work? I am royally stuck, with nowhere else to go. Urrggghhhh. The same dilemma again. I feel so hopeless, worried, and nervous. My boyfriend is tired of me crying, I do it every night. I don’t even remember what it was like to be happy. My skin is dull and grey. I’ve lost my zing.

This was 5 years ago, when I was right in the worst of it. I lived in a constant state of panic, feeling stuck in a nightmare of my own creation: I’d got myself there, I’d said yes to that job, I’d stayed when I could have left for something else.

Things got so bad, that I made myself ill (being ill was better than being at work). After two weeks in bed, I woke up and realised things had to change. They owed me money, so I left. And that was that.

Then I got another job working freelance (before starting my business). And anxiety kicked in. Again. Although this time it morphed into insecurity. I did everything I could to avoid all situations which might expose me for a fraud (or so I believed). What was going on?! I'd quit my horrible job, so why wasn't I jumping up and down with happiness?

And so I realised that anxiety had everything to do with me, and how I was approaching life. I had chosen anxiety as my way of living and no matter the situation (or job), I took it with me.

This was a HUGE realisation!!! And one which brought a new awareness (and lots of new tools): meditations, tapping, breathing and other tools and techniques to keep me balanced, and anxiety-free! Yeay, finally I could let go of the fears keeping me awake at night, and start living! After so many years of panic and struggling, I finally felt SO GOOD. I was hooked, and had a non-negotiable daily spiritual practice. Before I knew it my anxiety had transformed into excitement, and I actually started loving life again.

I want you to feel this too. To remember what it’s like to enjoy life, and not be overwhelmed and anxious about it.


When’s the last time you felt anxious?

Is it hard to tell because it’s such a part of your life? In today’s world, anxiety is ever-present and a normal part of life. It’s especially evident when we have an upcoming deadline, a presentation or something “scary” to do. And sometimes we’re anxious, with no idea why we feel this way. Like anxiety’s our default setting.

And it’s crippling. But it doesn’t have to be this way.


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3 Tools to release your Anxiety NOW:

  1. BREATHE into it. Anxiety is excitement without the breath, so give it breath and breathe deeply into it. Breathing moves it around the body, and gets it unstuck. Nothing shifts unless something moves, so get it moving!
  2. EMPTY your mind. Get paper now and write down everything on your mind. Get it all out, everything, no matter how crazy you sound. It all needs to go somewhere so best to get it out onto the page.
  3. SURRENDER AND LET GO! Amazing things happen when you let them go. Try saying to yourself: I let go, I surrender, I let go, I surrender and witness what happens. To go a step further, lie down and close your eyes, and say the phrases over and over again until you feel your whole body letting go. It's like magic!