Stop spending 30% of your life worrying about money...

What if I told you that according to The Guardian, we spend 30% of our lives worrying about money. Whaaaattt???? Now let’s put that shizz into perspective. Check out the other areas we spend time worrying about:

  • 16% worrying about family
  • 16% worrying about health
  • 9% worrying about work pressures
  • 8% worrying about time pressures
  • 4% worrying about love life!

I choked on my matcha tea. Seeing it in writing, made perfect sense. At least 1 in 3 of my private clients talk to me about their money issues. I’m sure most of you are struggling, but as you know it’s not very “British” of us to speak out about our money troubles. Unless we’re really being kept awake at night.

Worrying about money is unavoidable. Especially as it represents what we truly value, and seek more of in our lives. It’s easy to feel trapped, powerless and hopeless. For me money means FREEDOM - the space to do what I want, when I want, and travel, without being chained to a desk 24/7 (I’ve been there, and it’s just not for me).

So on Sunday 29th Jan, as some of you know already, I’m holding WealthTonic - to heal your financial woes or blocks, and transform your relationship with money. It’s time for you to earn what you deserve, feel calmer around your finances, and improve your wealth - grab your ticket here


If you’re aching to attend WealthTonic, and it’s too much of a stretch right now, we’ve introduced a more manageable way of paying for your ticket. See below:

You pay 3 instalments of £42: one this month, one next month and one the month after = £126 in total.

Please email for a link with the payment plan through Paypal, and we’ll secure your ticket.

We don’t want you to miss out....